Today we celebrate George Stroie (Bivuacu), who reached the beautiful age of 45 years. Happy birthday!. Today we celebrate 86 years since Traseul Clasic (Colţul Gălbenelelor) first ascent, 64 years since Traseul Victor Măciucă (Trasee de perete) first ascent

Videos with alpine and sport climbing routes from Romania

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Depresiv 10-

Video - Nicole Dumitru - 11.10.2019

Brâna Aeriană - Creasta Văii Albe 1A

 5 star route Fantastic With description With picture English translation

Niculae Comănescu, Leova Stolear - 11.08.1935
Video - Bogdan Matei - 30.09.2019
Route used, in particular, the withdrawal of the routes from the Wall of the White Valley or as a way of access in the Brane High Costilei or the Bucegi Plateau.  more >>

Valea Morarului 1A

 5 star route With description With picture English translation

Video - Bogdan Matei - 30.09.2019
The valley of the Prince, that the separate Spirits of the Buc?oiul, there is a valley of glacial origin, with the three buckets wide, separated by steps, easy, affordable.  more >>

Fisura Neagră 5B, 7/7+ (A1/A2)

 With topo With picture

Gheorghe Udrea, Ştefan Focşe - 1957
Video - Florin-Ciprian Andrecuț - 25.09.2019

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