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Videos with alpine and sport climbing routes from Romania

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Creasta Coştila-Gălbenele 3A, 6 (5-, A0)

 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video With comments Coordinates English translation

Niculae Baticu, Dan Popescu, Toma Boerescu, Constantin Conteş - 31.05.1936
Video - Goran Ciprian GORBY - 27.06.2020
One of the most easy and popular climbs at Coştila.  more >>

Muchia cu Fereastră (Muchiuţa Găuricii) 2B

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Rupi, Laura B - 13.07.2013
Video - Adelin Udeanu - 27.06.2020
LC 1: the Departure requires ~20m vertical, a bit brittle, with the possibility of insurance on the mobile. Then hold the mathematical edge.LC 2: ensure the mobile or savage. It's a plimbarica exceptional. LC 3: go through a climbing very interesting and spectacular due to the edge very very thin. It looks delicate but it's more psychological. Out and are belay station in the piatra Craiului mountains.  more >>

Muchia Bondarului 4B, 6+ (5+/6-, A0)

Access authorization PNPC 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With video Coordinates English translation

Alexandru Floricioiu, Mircea Opriş - 29.08.1980
Video - Adelin Udeanu - 27.06.2020
The route is spectacular from the air. It has been fixed with the anchor, mechanical, both in the pool and in the distance.LK 1, 45 m - starting at the entrance to the Canyon of the Ciorânga Great with a close up of the chimney, narrow to ensure that the 2 boulders embedded in the second chimney, the shorter, is beaten by a ball python. At the end of the chimney to the right on entering, on the line of a valley of the rocky open, which goes for about 4 km. They're forming up on the left vâlcelului, a tree that has multiple cords. LC is a 2-35m - continuous slightly oblique to the right, on the vâlcelul what it takes on the appearance of the chimney. On the length of a reticulated python, and the grouping is to the left, on a platform of quality green roof, where you can find 2 expansion bolts.LC-3, the 57m - keep it up, all slightly skew to the right. The climb becomes more and more exposed, but the configuration of the trail allows for selection of various options. It goes up through the chimney wide, while at the time it shuts down is go around to the right. In this range we find the 3 cams. The grouping is excellent, the platform/belt with jnepeni? on 2 hands. LC-4, 40 - start...  more >>

Traseul Frontal 4A

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Nicolae Dobre, Constantin Dumitrescu - 1952
Video - Goran Ciprian GORBY - 26.06.2020
The trail climbs up a rung of the rock and the is approx. 35 metres in height, the following a small passage, on a broad platform. The last 20 km it follows a direct line of cracks to the ridge. LC1: After you climb up one block high up on the platform where you start the ascent proper, the route, which from this point on it escalates to a string, double, following the initial one-stage vertical get run over by a beetle, on the basis of which we make a traverse to the left. We continue over a number of blocks, and we're under a wash of rocks. This passage is not difficult, once exceeded, the climbing is spread over a floor of stone, and on the diagonal. There follows a passage to the right, after which we climb up to a passage in the vertical, with the first rig out of the pool. LC2: From here, the route passes over the second wall from the same angle, and after that, 15 m. above, over on to a sharp edge at the end of which is an anchor for the rappel.   more >>

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Ultimele trasee reparate

Colţul Dărâmat din Vâlcelul Superior al Şpirlei 4B, 7 (5/5+, A0)

Cîteva sute de metri la nord de Zaplaz, din vălmăşagul zidurilor Pietrei Craiului se desprinde un vîrf izolat. Creştetul său abia depăşeşte jumătatea înălţimii abruptului. O muchie subţire îl leagă de restul stîncăriilor, cu grote şi streşini, fete lucii, hornuri şi rîuri de grohotiş. Neavînd nume, în anul 1957 l-am botezat Colţul Dărîmat, concretizînd astfel impresia încercată în inima acestei regiuni cu totul neumblate.
     - 12.10.2019