Videos with alpine and sport climbing routes from Romania

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Creasta Vulturilor 3A, 5+

 5 star route Fantastic With picture With video With comments Coordinates

Alexandru Floricioiu - 1960
Video - Mihai Sava - 11.01.2020
The most traveled route in and Enjoy, along with the 25th of October.  more >>

Millenium M10-

 Fantastic With video Coordinates

Video - Florin-Ciprian Andrecuț - 05.01.2020

Creasta Generalului 3B, 6+ (4, A0)

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Valentin Garner, Werner Putz - 1961
Video - Gabriel Motica - 08.12.2019
The best known route from the Keys to the Citadel, climbed by almost all beginners. Many lengths can be merged, especially if we ensure with long curls or don't make sure all the rings.LC1: They get away from the river on a chimneyule? with the sockets washed out. They regroup on a large platform after approx 25-30 m.LC2: It continues in the top on one side with sockets highly polished. It can go from python in python. It comes in free climbing on a wider one, that the sea where it intersects a Via Ferrata smaller. This is the hardest length of the route.LC3: length beautiful dihedral, it comes out in spraitz sites to the belay station on a small perch.LC4: Go up then traverseu right on a wider one, that great upward. It regrupaza under the chimney.LC5: climb a chimneyule? easy and short, regroup on a platform. Many choose to come down from here, following the trail looming in front.LC6: up on the ridge on easy terrain, insurance very rare and quite brittle. They regroup at a tree.LC7: up, without technical difficulties, you just need attention because the land is friable and insurance little to not at all. Regroup at the anchors of the Via Ferrata. Those who have not descended at...  more >>

Valea Colţilor 1B

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Video - Mihai Sava - 07.12.2019
Push on the bottom of the valley, it is cut short at short time intervals, the first two of the divers, which can be escaladale straight or bent the ribs on the right side. In the sequel, the valley, closer and closer to the banks, with the appearance of a narrow canyon, and at a short distance is interrupted by a jumper surplompanta a high of nearly 20 meters high, can be climbed via a crack and a couple of small scocuri up the same time and to the right of the obstacle. At a short distance upstream, cross it over the other two divers without difficulty, after which you'll get at the bottom of a jumping to a particular the form of a cave, overhangnta of a block is huge. In the interior of the cave, climb the vertical, with a fireplace, very narrow, and the take ended up on top of the block.Add to that a high jumper could not be avoided due to a chimney pamîntos on the right hand side of the valley (how to get). From this point on, the valley opens up and gets out of the left side, several cordons of rich grass. On the right, a cliff, and the thin lace separating us from the Valley of Fire, and in the teeth of a shape is very characteristic, is situated to the left of us, to...  more >>

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Last routes climbed in Romania

Valea Albă 1A

The White Valley is one of the most popular unmarked valleys in Bucegi Moutains. One of the widest in the mountain range and without many obstacles to climb.
    Adrian Scurtu, Dan Ciubotaru, Razvan Sprivac - 19.01.2020

Ultimele trasee reparate

Colţul Dărâmat din Vâlcelul Superior al Şpirlei 4B, 7 (5/5+, A0)

Cîteva sute de metri la nord de Zaplaz, din vălmăşagul zidurilor Pietrei Craiului se desprinde un vîrf izolat. Creştetul său abia depăşeşte jumătatea înălţimii abruptului. O muchie subţire îl leagă de restul stîncăriilor, cu grote şi streşini, fete lucii, hornuri şi rîuri de grohotiş. Neavînd nume, în anul 1957 l-am botezat Colţul Dărîmat, concretizînd astfel impresia încercată în inima acestei regiuni cu totul neumblate.
     - 12.10.2019