On 06.12.1920 Ionel Coman was born.

Videos with alpine and sport climbing routes from Romania

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Brâul de Mijloc 1B

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Video - Bogdan Matei - 24.11.2019
The girdle of Middle start from Padina his Caline?, crosses the most beautiful part of the northwest slope, intersecting at 1890 m altitude tourist route on the “In Chains”, and continues, încingând and the western slope until under the Central Wall, in the area of the Great Debris. From this place, he continues, but is called the Girdle Red. The length of the Waist of the Middle, the orientation of the sometimes cumbersome because of the numerous traile goats outlined by jnepeni?uri and the lack of cottages close to where they can stay overnight at the backwardness we have determined to split the route in two parts. Partea2From Padina his Caline?, where I ended up, down the iron staircase and the chimney end, turn immediately to the right, past the vegetation on the mountain slopes. The trail, well defined, descends a small portion and then get backed up into a saddle dotted by junipers and spruces tall (1 700 m). From the saddle, ha?a?ul descends on a slope very steep, reaching înjgheabul narrow and rough. Here, to the left (upstream), fall off the trail to Vâlcelul Goats.In his right, the Girdle of Means forming a bump and act for the continuation of the route of a climb in the...  more >>

Brâul de Mijloc (Trecerea Mult Dorită) 1A

Video - Bogdan Matei - 24.11.2019
The portion of the Valcelul Caldarii Devious and Deubelweg (At the Chains).  more >>

Cangurul 4B, 7- (6+, A0)

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Gheorghe Enache (Genu), Paul Alboteanu - 1987
Video - Mihai Sava - 23.11.2019
LC1 - Going vertical in the diagram below with the name of the route, and after 5 to 6 m, we get the first insurance policy, almost, we still have a ball python, then a few yards through the undergrowth, where it is recommended that you do not slip. You can mount a nut in the offset when we come up on the wall. It's going vertical, and then after about 20/25m to meet a first grouping of intermediate is formed in the hands connected to the rope. On the right of the pool crossing slightly right of the 2-m and get it crack the that up until the appointment of a pin P to a new. Here is the step-length, as quoted by me on the 6+. 2 m. above the crack shall be finished with a plate at the bottom of which is a doorway with a pot across it to the left about 2/3 of m's by the pool, taking in the hands of the sockets of the reverse quite low, and an anchor on the top. The length is about 50 m, and is well-equipped.LC2 - Go slightly left and then climb up vertically, and then pass it to the left for about 5 metres until it is use a funnel that goes by we get by, a pool of intermediate that one can do is make sure the loop is long. The pool across the right side about 3 m, and then climb up...  more >>

Nazgul 9/9+


Ionuţ Cotinghi, Adrian Zdrobis, Adrian Iancu, Horia Boian - 2004
Video - Nicole Dumitru - 20.11.2019

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Ultimele trasee reparate

Colţul Dărâmat din Vâlcelul Superior al Şpirlei 4B, 7 (5/5+, A0)

Cîteva sute de metri la nord de Zaplaz, din vălmăşagul zidurilor Pietrei Craiului se desprinde un vîrf izolat. Creştetul său abia depăşeşte jumătatea înălţimii abruptului. O muchie subţire îl leagă de restul stîncăriilor, cu grote şi streşini, fete lucii, hornuri şi rîuri de grohotiş. Neavînd nume, în anul 1957 l-am botezat Colţul Dărîmat, concretizînd astfel impresia încercată în inima acestei regiuni cu totul neumblate.
     - 12.10.2019