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Traseul Roşculeţ (Muchia Estică din Umărul Gălbenelelor) 3B, 6/6+ (5/5+, A1)

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Gheorghe Roşculeţ, Dinu Cunescu - 1943
Video - Mozes Valentin-Matias - 16.02.2020
We tie the rope to the base of the crack is not very noticeable.LK 1: Start out by taking an easy right turn (1 m), and then, to top off a cracking flat with a lot of doorways for the grass. Prior to the step length, we have an anchor (the only one on the long). It goes on to a wider one, that of the grass, he walks 5 meters to the right, by the pool, on the left side of the 2nd expansion bolts. 35 km, grade 3+.LK 2: Starts strong, quickly overhangt on the front of the top of the pool. The passage is 3 m, and a few on the 6/6+, the very well insured. Continue to the right, slightly upward, on a wider one, that of the rock at the base of the fissures, curved to left, for about 8 to 10 feet, well pitonata. Reform, on a platform of grass, at the base of the chimneyule? 2 expansion bolts on the right-hand side. The 35 meter high, grade 6/6+.LC-3: it Is, it's going up on a chimneyule?/crack wider, but the plugs are always the best on the front on the left. In this section you will find 2-3 hands and some spit on the end of the chimneyule?ului. It stands on a small platform. It goes up a dihedral of about 10-12 m is provided with a 1 pin in the base, and then a spit, and a ball python...  more >>

Muchia Nord-Vestică 3A

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Video - Mihai Sava - 09.02.2020
LK 1 - 50 - 0 handsLC-2 - 70m - 0 handsThe LC of 3 - 55 meters - 2 camsLC-4 - 45 m - 5 cleanLC-5 - 55 meters - 4 handsLC-6 - 40 - 3 the clean  more >>

Creasta Vulturilor 3A, 5+

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Alexandru Floricioiu - 1960
Video - Mihai Sava - 11.01.2020
The most traveled route in and Enjoy, along with the 25th of October.  more >>

Millenium M10-

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Florin-Ciprian Andrecuț, Florian Mastacan, Lucian Bursuc - 09.11.2008
Video - Florin-Ciprian Andrecuț - 05.01.2020

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Last routes climbed in Romania

Ultimele trasee reparate

Colţul Dărâmat din Vâlcelul Superior al Şpirlei 4B, 7 (5/5+, A0)

Cîteva sute de metri la nord de Zaplaz, din vălmăşagul zidurilor Pietrei Craiului se desprinde un vîrf izolat. Creştetul său abia depăşeşte jumătatea înălţimii abruptului. O muchie subţire îl leagă de restul stîncăriilor, cu grote şi streşini, fete lucii, hornuri şi rîuri de grohotiş. Neavînd nume, în anul 1957 l-am botezat Colţul Dărîmat, concretizînd astfel impresia încercată în inima acestei regiuni cu totul neumblate.
     - 12.10.2019