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Videos with alpine and sport climbing routes from Romania

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Umerii Pietrei Craiului - Traseul Dunăreanu 2B

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Titi Ionescu, Franz Bauschke, Ion Ionescu-Dunăreanu, Elena Habermann - 02.07.1939
Video - Pe cărări în doi - 20.09.2020
After climbing one of the chimneys at the entrance, we can look upstream, identifying the line of a valley overgrown by vegetation and in part strewn with clumps of juniper trees. Moving up to the upper end of the latter, we meet a face more inclined, on which a scale in the framework of the four lengths of rope. Note that in the fourth.c. the route goes on the front of the corresponding valley Tama?elului, located in our right, on the face of the valley Barsa Tama?ului, located on the left. Regrouping from this latest length of a run in a bottleneck of small size. In the right strungii down in the bed of a valley, that through the debris to climb up “To the Porch" (1820 m alt.), where the thread is lost, extending it with a crack open, shaped in the walls of the shoulder. Further, the trail takes you along a chimney located on the northern side of the shoulder. The range ends in a point more open, where, on the vertical faces, which does not exceed 20 m in height, we climb up on the green scarf to the Waist of the Middle (1920 m alt.).Climbing the Shoulder area of the Middle starts with a traverse to the left, along the broad belt of the Middle, aiming at a slab of what looks...  more >>

Muchia Mare 5A, 7- (6-, A0)

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Video - Mihai Sava - 18.08.2020

Creasta Arpăşelului (parcurgere E-V) 3A

 5 star route Fantastic With description With picture With video Coordinates English translation

Ruppert Schmauz, F. A. Friedsmann, V. Kravietzky - 10.1912
Video - Back to Nature - 10.08.2020
The start of the Ridge Fauna is started with a down slash to the left. We'll be there in a little gap, and we find the Obelisk (the Sentinel Arpa?elului), a beautiful pin from the hard rock stabbing the sky. Potecu?a around to the left and stops in front of the Ears of Rabbits, the two towers and cliffs, which is the meaning of the road we climb up on the faces of the east and rapeleaza on the west. The climb on the Ear, the east (the east face of the well) is the lack of any major technical difficulties. However, the first one is represented by the ascendant left-wing, a front inclined, clean, close, smooth, if wet, require special attention. There are three hands nailed: down in a mountain pass, where it started, and two more in the next 6m. Then you climb the falls in difficulty, although the exposure is not significant, and after 6 to 7 meters from the last pin is reached on the top of the Ear to the east. Above and to the right, as soon as I got here, two cams connected with the multiple cords, since this is the booster in the opposite direction of the scroll on the front just up from us. For our return we'll walk 5 meters to the west, to a first wire made of steel. The last...  more >>

Brâul de Sus (al Acelor) 1A

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Video - andreibadearo - 18.07.2020
It could be the best waist of All. It starts (on the north side) in the Needle is Large, the next part is called the Crest of the Steeper. Wide, 2 — to 3-feet, the stony ground, lower winding of the flank steepness of the under Teeth. Covering the area to the right of the Needle Above the ad's attention at some point. Beyond the Vâlcelul of the Prince through the funnel to a thread (with the four arms at the level of the book), who derive it in the first bucket of the Valley of the Prince, in which the wire is put in and the Belt on Those.  more >>

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Last routes climbed in Romania

Lupul cel Rău 5B, 7- (6+, A0)

Lupul cel rău (the Bad Wolf) is the longest and most popular route in Peretele Animalelor (the Wall of Animals). A series of dihedrals and beautiful obstacles, not very difficult and well protected.
    Cosmin Nicola, Mihai T. - 25.09.2020

Ultimele trasee reparate

Traseul Recviem (Requiem) 5A, 8 (7-, A0+)

Traseu reparat in toamna anului 2020 integral cu spituri inox. Optional asigurarile se pot complementa cu frienduri (C4 #0.5-#1). In Horn se poate plasa un TorqueNut #4.
     - 2020

Umbra Muchiei 5B, 8- (6+, A0)

Traseul a fost reparat anterior cu spituri si regupari(topuri) cu lant de la Faders din pacate nu neaparat corespunzator. In toamna anului 2020 traseul a fost curatat si completat cu ancore (Fixe). Traseul are doua variante de intrare: cea originala, mai lunga este cea recomandata.
    unu din Cluj si unii din Iasi - 2020

Traseul Vânătorilor de Munte 4B, 7 (6, A0)

Traseul a fost reparat si curatat in toamna anului 2020. Asigurarile sunt spituri si pitoane vechi: optional se pot completa cu frienduri mici/medii (C4 #0.5 - #1)
    László Lukács - 04.11.2019