Today we celebrate 86 years since Furcile (Peretele Gălbenelelor) first ascent, 2 years since Memorial Páll Endre (Heaven and Hell) (Piatra Altarului) first ascent

Andrei Dumitrache

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Profile Andrei Dumitrache

Username: Andrei Dumitrache
First name: Andrei
Last name : Dumitrache
Type: Normal
Climbed most in: Bucegi, Postăvaru, Piatra Craiului


Alpine route

Valea Albă 1A

The White Valley is one of the most popular unmarked valleys in Bucegi Moutains. One of the widest in the mountain range and without many obstacles to climb.

Classic route

Fisura Răsucită 4B, 6a (5c, A0)

Best route for beginners in Coştila

Classic route

Creasta Coştila-Gălbenele 3A, 5c (4b/4b+, A0)

One of the most easy and popular climbs at Coştila.

Alpine route
Classic route

Lupul cel Rău 5B, 6a+ (6a, A0)

Lupul cel rău (the Bad Wolf) is the longest and most popular route in Peretele Animalelor (the Wall of Animals). A series of dihedrals and beautiful obstacles, not very difficult and well protected.

Classic route
Alpine route