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Terms and conditions

  • Terms and conditions

About Mountaineering and Climbing

RoClimbs contains information about rock climbing, ice climbing, dry tooling, sport climbing, trad climbing and alpine climbing. Rock climbing, in all its forms, is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Visitors using any information directly or indirectly available on this site do so at their own risk.

By using RoClimbs you acknowledge that rock climbing is dangerous and the fact that the available information may be incomplete or wrong.

RoClimbs is not responsible for checking or validating information from books, magazines, blogs/sites or other sources printed/online or posted by users.

There may be errors (printing/typing, description, topo) so that the information on the site may be wrong. Examples of mistakes (enumeration not exhaustive):

  • real grades can be easier or harder then they are quoted on the website
  • climb length and number of pitches may differ
  • fixed gear may be missing (pulled off accidentally by other climbers or fell down in time)
  • there can be routes with no pitons and pegs (pulled off on purpose by other climbers) and not announced as so
  • if a climber felt a route as having good protection, this does not mean that the pitons can hold a fall. Rock is changing in time. A safe route at a certain time, can become a route with a serious potential for accidents or death in six months time.

It is recommended that you search information from multiple sources [the authors of the route (if they're still alive), books, magazines, blogs, local climbers, climbing groups on social sites, clubs, Romanian Salvamont Team] on the status of the route before you climb it.

The route difficulty as well as protection quality or rock quality are subjective to each individual climber, depending on his experience, training, the level at which he climbs and his confidence / psyche. Ideally, every climber should use his own judgment in choosing fixed protections and using mobile protections (where possible) and abseiling down if he finds that the route is beyond his or her powers or becomes too dangerous.

Use RoClimbs fully aware of the risks. RoClimbs Team is not responsible for any accidents, from minor to serious ones or for those leading to the death of the climber. Annually 1-2 people die in alpine routes or climbing in Romania. It is important to know when to back off and be ready for it.

Acceptable Content

No offensive, xenophobic or discriminatory posts are allowed for a particular group of people. Users who post such information will be blocked access to their account. We reserve the right to decide which content is acceptable and not.

If you stuble uppon a xenophobic, discriminatory or offensive post, please report the user or post/text in the Contact section. The post/text will be corrected/deleted and/or the user locked within 72 hours of reporting.

If you want to publish text or images from the site you can do it without our consent, specifying the source of the post or the original source

Terms modification

RoClimbs may revise and update these terms of use at any time. You will be notified by email if these terms change. It is your responsibility to otherwise check for changes in the terms and conditions. Your continued usage of the website will mean you accept those changes.

User Contribution

As a user, when you post the information, you agree that it may be used by all RoClimbs users and visitors.

There are 4 types of users: standard, power, moderator and admin.

  • A new user is by default normal user and has rights only to mark routes as climbed, grading a route (beauty, rock quality, protection etc) and post comments.
  • Power user can add and edit articles, news, routes and areas. He can also propose for deletion a certain area, a certain route, article or news.
  • A moderator can delete a certain area, a route, a news or article. Can delete comments, ban and unban users.
  • If you want to be promoted to power user or moderator give us a message at and specify which type of user you want to be and why. If more than one year a promoted user did not log on to the site, it would be passed to the Standard/Simple Users category without prior notice, assuming that promotion is no longer required.

License and Ownership

The general philosophy of RoClimbs is to share and distribute the content for non-commercial use. If you want to use texts and images for a commercial purpose (a book, an album), it is necessary the approval of the images and texts authors, as well as the agreement of the RoClimbs team.

Programmatically access for data retrieval (bots) is allowed as long as it doesn't exceed 1000 pages/day and whitought affecting server performance. In case we will notify high processor values for more than 24 hours we will take measures, including banning that IP.


RoClimbs can contact you at your email address in accordance with the privacy policy.

Limitation of Liability

By accessing RoClimbs you agree with the terms and conditions.

RoClimbs is not responsible for any costs incurred by the ISP (network, mobile, etc.) when accessing the site due to traffic generated by it.

RoClimbs is not responsible for accidents that may occur as a result of practicing rock/trad climbing or sport climbing as a result of incorrect or incomplete data.

RoClimbs is not responsible for any damage financial, moral or other type, arising due to the site shutdown, or malfunction of it.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Accessing the Personal Data Protection Policy page you can check how we log data about users.

RoClimbs reserves the right to close permanently, at any time, the site, without justification, without notice and without being able to give users an export of data entered by them.