Today we celebrate Nicolae Jitaru, who reached the beautiful age of 88 years. Happy birthday!. On 08.12.1936 Octavian Brătilă (Bulinel) was born.

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General characteristics

 Sursă: Deva Alpine Adventure 
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Deva Alpine Adventure -

Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Pintenul Vânătariei With picture Coordinates4B, 6a+2 pitches0     Classic route00
2.Furnicarul With picture Coordinates4B, 6b2 pitches0     Classic route00
3.Furnicarul - variantă With picture Coordinates4B, 6a+2 pitches5     Classic route01
4.Moşul Unidentified route Coordinates4A2 pitches0     Classic route00
5.Diedrul cu pom With picture With video Coordinates3B, 5a2 pitches5     Classic route03
6.4 Iunie Coordinates4A2 pitches0     Classic route00
7.Liliacul With description With picture Coordinates4A, 6b2 pitches0     Classic route01
8.Andra With picture Coordinates6c/6c+3 pitches0     Sport climbing00
9.Grota Corbilor With picture Coordinates3B, 5b4 pitches3     Classic route03
10.Sănătatea With picture Coordinates4B, 6a4 pitches4     Classic route24
11.Clepsidra With picture Coordinates5A, 6b4 pitches0     Classic route02
12.Central With picture Coordinates5B4 pitches0     Classic route00
13.Vânătaria With picture Coordinates5B5 pitches0     Classic route00
14.Arcului With picture Coordinates6A5 pitches0     Classic route01
15.Hornului Coordinates4A5 pitches0     Classic route00
16.Fluturele de piatră With picture Coordinates5B5 pitches0     Classic route00
17.Fisura Însorită With picture Coordinates4A5 pitches0     Classic route00
18.Focului With description With picture Coordinates4B, 6b5 pitches0     Classic route00
19.Cele 4 brâne (Brânelor) With picture Coordinates3B, 5a5 pitches3     Classic route06
20.Conului Coordinates2B2 pitches0     Classic route00
21.Perla With picture Coordinates3B, 6b2 pitches0     Classic route00

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GPS: N 46° 01' 15.7" E 22° 52' 42.9"    

Route distribution

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Liliacul 4A, 6b

Date: 1980
First ascent: L. Orban, Elek Iacob
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Conului 2B

Date: 1984
First ascent: Cornel Alexandru
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Moşul 4A

Date: 1985
First ascent: Nicolae Amoşneagului
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4 Iunie 4A

Date: 1988
First ascent: Ghiţă Vizitiu


Sursă: Deva Alpine Adventure


GPS: N 46° 01' 15.7" E 22° 52' 42.9"    

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