Today we celebrate 89 years since Traseul Comănescu (Muchia Nordică) (Turnul Seciului) first ascent, 60 years since Santinela Padinei Popii (Padina Popii) first ascent

Peretele Livezii cu Mesteceni

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General characteristics

 Peretele Livezii cu Mesteceni 

Stone: limestone
Orientation: N
Height: 200 m



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Grădinaru With description Coordinates4A, 6a (5b, A0)5 pitches0     Classic route00
2.23 a Opta With description With video Coordinates4B, 6a/6a+ (5c, A0)4 pitches0     Classic route21
3.Surplombele Livezii cu Mesteceni 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates5B, 6b+/6c (5c, A0)6 pitches5     Classic route70
4.Hornul cu Cheie With picture Coordinates4A, 6a (5b, A0)4 pitches0     Classic route00
5.Hornul Părului Sălbatic (Hornul Năruit) Unidentified route Coordinates0     Classic route00
6.Scara de Piatră (Brâna în Trepte) With description With picture Coordinates2B, 4b/4b+2 pitches2     Classic route00
7.Hornul cu Fereastră Coordinates4A, 5c (5a, A0)3 pitches0     Classic route20
8.Peteu With picture Coordinates4c/4c+12 m0     Sport climbing01
9.(cu) Ou With picture Coordinates5a11 m0     Sport climbing01
10.Lapte Praf With picture Coordinates5b10 m0     Sport climbing01
11.(cu) Fosfarin With picture Coordinates4b/4b+9 m0     Sport climbing01
12.Creasta Fotoreporterului 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates2B, 5a (4c/4c+, A0)10 pitches3,5     Classic route43
13.Hornul Surpat With description With topo With comments Coordinates4B, 6a (5b, A0)4 pitches0     Classic route00
14.Creasta de Sus With description Coordinates3A, 4c/4c+0     Classic route00

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GPS: N 45° 16' 18.9" E 24° 07' 22.6"    


Route distribution


Peretele Livezii cu Mesteceni


GPS: N 45° 16' 18.9" E 24° 07' 22.6"