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Hell's balls 7b (A1)
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General characteristics

Aid climbing grade: A1
Rotpunkt grade: 7b
Type: Classic route

 Sursă: Nicolae Budeancă 
Orientation: S
Length: 9 pitches
Height: 332 m
Recommended season: spring
Rock quality: 
Fixed protection quality: 
No. fixed protection: 
Best months:


PitonsMechanical anchorsFantastic

First ascent and re-bolting

First ascent: Nicolae Budeancă
Date: 08.10.2016
Second ascent (First repeat): Nicolae Budeancă, Peticu Adorjan
Date: 09.10.2016

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

The route is found in the Wall of the Giant and starts between routes Meow Meow and Fight for Life. It is equipped fully with anchors mechanical and is presented in the following way: 332m; 9LC; VIII+,A1(?).

LC 1: 28m, VI, 5 insurance
LC 2: 45 m, VII, 9 insurance
LC 3: 40m, VIII, A1(two points), 11 insurance
LC 4 :23 m, VI, 3 insurance
LC 5: 44m, VIII+, 11 insurance
Starts exposed, in traverseu horizontal left, over a circus, and continues looping. A few long loops are quite useful.
LC 6: 37m, VI+, 7 insurance
LC 7: 20m, III, 4 insurance
Length slight, of the ridge, with the final two rings of the booster.
LC 8: 52m, VI+, 6 insurance
After a booster short, it climbs to the base of the wall, beside a large block, fallen from the wall. You arrive in an area with poison ivy, follow the line of anchors mechanical on the front of the left arch obvious.
LC 9: 43m, VII, 7 insurance
Information source
Nicolae Budeancă (FB Peretele Cald) - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1796268040631401&set=a.1411851379073071.1073741830.100007446666868&type=3&theater

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 46° 33' 51.4" E 23° 40' 40.6"    
Retreat route: Climb up the cross and follow the path obvious.
Retreat duration: 20-30min


Sursă: Nicolae Budeancă

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Sursă: Nicolae Budeancă

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Florin Cerneștean - 27.03.2021
- 27.03.2021
Anghel Marius - 27.03.2021, Vara
- 27.03.2021
Florin Cerneștean - 27.03.2021, Vara
- 27.03.2021
Vasile Dumitrică - 05.05.2018, Vara
- 05.05.2018

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Chereches Cristian

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GPS: N 46° 33' 51.4" E 23° 40' 40.6"    
Retreat route: Climb up the cross and follow the path obvious.


Sursă: Nicolae Budeancă