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Brâul de Mijloc (Deubelweg (La Lanturi) - Marele Grohotiş) 1B
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 1B
Type: Alpine route

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Access Natural Park Piatra Craiului5 star routeFantastic

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

The area of the steep, crossed by the Girdle of the Middle between the Wall of the Great Scree and the tourist route “The Chains", is a wild, rarely seen. The few hikers that come to investigate remain impressed by the beauty and variety of the landscape, much special compared to the other portion of the waist (from the north), held between Padina his Caline? and Piscul Baciului. By the arrangement of the cabin If the piatra Craiului, at which you can spend the night, march around to the Girdle of the Middle is reduced to half, which allows travellers to undertake in the future trips in this area, without fear of being caught by darkness on the trail.

From the point of entry reported in the underlying artery up through the scree, keeping us on the wall under the tip of the Spear, high on our left. After about 20 minutes of walking tiring, we arrive at the base of the Wall Central, where, directing us to the left, climb up to the saddle that demarcates the tip of the Spear of the western wall of piatra Craiului. From the saddle mentioned down in the main thread of the Padinei of the Lance, the valley which constitutes the access path to the Glade Shut and the South Ridge. Climbing on the opposite slope of the valley, get on the line of the watershed which separates the Vâlcelul Side of the Padinei of the Lance.
To continue the route Book at the Middle, we sneak into the descent on the base of the Wall of Padina Spears, uplifted in the right and willing in the amphitheater, overtaking and thalweg Vâlcelului Side of the Padinei of the Lance. In this area wild and pathless are set a few alpine routes less difficult, driven very rarely climbers. Led by trailul waist very thinned out, we get on the line of the watershed of the edge next and enter the area of the bottom of the valley Tama?elului, whose thread grooves strong in the mountain cross. At the end of the interval, the girdle change their appearance, forcing us to get backed up over the Shoulder from the bottom of piatra Craiului, where, at 1920 m alt., meet the Route Dunareanu.
From the point where we met the Route Dunareanu sneak under the Shoulder of the Middle, high on the right, we pass a slab with
the appearance of a roof of the hut, beyond which the girdle is shaping up all the better. In this area high and wild, he is covered in good part by the juniper trees, over the crossing and streams and dells ' of the bottom of the valley Barsa Tama?ului, where sometimes meet flock of black goats. After nearly an hour's walk from the Shoulders of the piatra Craiului get on the wide terrace, reminiscent of the hanging gardens (1900 m alt.), where the girdle crosses the tourist route on the “In Chains". In this place, our route ends.
Information source
Piatra Craiului Turism-Alpinism - Emilian Cristea, 1984



Brâul de Mijloc (Deubelweg (La Lanturi) - Marele Grohotiş)



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