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Vâlcelul cu Fereastră (Vâlcelul with Window) 1B
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 1B
Type: Alpine route

Accommodation: Speranţelor (Hopes) Refuge
Climb duration: 3 hours
Rock quality:
Fixed protection quality:
No. fixed protection:


Access Natural Park Piatra CraiuluiPitonsLoose rocksFantastic

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

Vâlcelul with the Window is the name of one of the most beautiful trails between the refuge of Hopes and the Ridge North of
Piatra Craiului. The name was inspired by the arch naturally carved into the wall of a ridges of rock, detached from the Edge of the ?imbalului Great. The arch located at the bottom Vâlcelului with the Window allows the passage of it in Vâlcelul with Rhododendron.

The route starts from the Girdle Ciorânga Great and is conducted over three dells different: Vâlcelul with Window, Vâlcelul with Rhododendron (to which we arrive through the window mentioned above) and the upper portion of the Canyon Ciorânga Sea, whose bloodline is under the North Ridge of piatra Craiului.

On the tongue of scree lying at approximately 60m away on the Girdle Ciorânga Great, we're turning to the right, climbing through the debris along the vâlcelului just outlined. After 30 km we meet a helpful overhangta at a time using for support jnepenii ease your above. After this obstacle, the valley is shaping up perfectly, having the appearance of a sluice box narrow, interrupted from place to place jumpers. On the edges of what a border rises the towers of the limestone, making the course more agreeable.

Continuing the climb, we leave the valley and climb to the left on the faces of the slope as, avoiding in this way a jumper. Anything above the valley narrows, forcing us to get back on the thread. The obstacle of about 12 m that meet him immediately submit to an initial examination of free climbing elementary. Regroup top of him, resuming the climb on the face of the green roof to the right of the valley that sometimes starts the detritus unstable. At the upper end of the passage we meet a tall chimney of 20 m. Outlets good and the trough narrow allow progress through the ramonaj. To bypass a new language of scree, climb on the faces of the right side of the valley, beyond which are two jumpers linked. The last ends up in the right of the great windows through which we Vâlcelul with Rhododendron (1 800 m alt.).

Once in Vâlcelul with Rhododendron, the decor changes completely. In place the walls vertical and the narrow aisle left behind, we are înfa?iseaza a valley filled with vegetation. Ha?a?ul leads us in the sustained climb, with no dangerous points. After about 150 m difference of level, we get in an area overrun by juniper trees, located at the bottom vâlcelului. The place they “The Pulpit”. From this point it branches off to the left (north) Girdle Top, crept on under walls, till near the place where it is located, on the North Ridge, the refuge from the Sharp Tip.

From “The Pulpit” to the left (north) continue our route on the next wall, passing through the “Gate of the Needle from the Pulpit”, the name inspired by the needle of rock whose silhouette, with everything particular highlights in the region. After the loophole down supported by vâlcelul filled with the detritus of the Canyon Ciorânga Large (area of origin). Directing us to the right, we begin the climb along it, passing small obstacles directly or through detours to the left, on the faces of the fallow.

Climb ends after about 300 m away, on the North Ridge of piatra Craiului, in a small strait north of the tip of the ?imbalul Great.
Information source
Piatra Craiului Turism-Alpinism - Emilian Cristea, 1984
Walter Kargel

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

Access duration: 2 hours



Sursa: Mugurel Ilie



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