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Muchia Căprioarei 4B, 6+ (5+, A0)
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 4B
Mandatory grade: 5+
Aid climbing grade: A0
Rotpunkt grade: 6+
Type: Classic route

 Muchia Căprioarei 
Orientation: S
Length: 5-6 pitches
Altitude: 1150 m
Height: 180 m
Rock quality: 
Fixed protection quality: 
No. fixed protection: 
Best months:


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First ascent and re-bolting

First ascent: Viorel Nicolaescu
Repaired: Arpad Adam
Date: 2016

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

The route fixed by the anchors of the mechanical by the end of 2016/beginning of 2017 at the latest. Each pool has a 1 to it, and the last length of 3 expansion bolts.

LC-1 - just Go to the edge on the left-hand side of the latter, and at 6 m above, cross to the right side under the belly, with a little divot, where we have the first cam in the wall. Continue to the right, slightly upward on some of the skirts loose, and then orient it vertically, left side, towards the ridge meets the first pool in between. Go for it and keep on the cutting edge as soon as we get a little time where you can regroup convenient. The length is 40 m, and it is far from assured in finding just the five of hands. The difficulty doesn't exceed class 4.

LC-2 - Go toward the left side upward approximately 3 m at the piton and then up on to her face quickly fell, where we got a step further, technically, at level 5+, secure it well. After the passing of his up on the ridge up to the pool mid-term at a time and continue to hold the leading edge of the ridge until we get to one of the two pools. If we have a string of 60 yards or longer to get past the pool all the way at the top of a portion of the light, but is provided with only one pin. We'll get to another pool where we have more of the clean, two-edge and two on the front right side of a spit. Here, grouped conveniently.

LC-3 - All of the above on the cutting edge in the first over of a small portion of the best technique (where to find it and the spit) and then on the ground gently, but hard and brittle, and without health insurance. It brings together up to 35 m at the base of a small pere?el.

LC-4 - Go up the fissure at a slight tilt to the right. Here we have a ball python that don't come in any kind of carabiniera (going placed the wire on a nut). Immediately above the meeting of a readily friable to a power outlet good results from the rupture of an old plaque instability. Exceeding the section, we come to another department in the same problem as the one below (but not under the that we have a hospital that can provide a comfortable). For a large, which sounds like a goal, and that is right on top of the chords, and the pool is inviting us to your attention. Here, the optimists make history, and the passage is regarded as pretty much a 6+. You have to climb with care, so as not to knock anything down there. After securing a second, to us, up to a threshold and entered a small chimneyule? (where you'll find a third ever). On top of this we continue on the ridge, through an area of light, but is far from assured, and a bit crumbly, getting in the pool, after approximately 38 km. For those who can't climb up, or you don't want to use the German, the passage can be made solely on the artificial. The grouping is situated in a low saddle and is enhanced by the three hands and the 2 expansion bolts. Its length is 38 km, and the estimated the 6+/7- at the top of the rift.

LC-5 to Go up, slightly left, on the front end, with the side skirts better. Once they arrived at the base of a wall, cross the left over the edge, being very careful to the your feet because there is a large, loose, who's waiting for the urge to go. After crossing the ridge we climb to the vertical on a small chimney is technically considered a 6-and-up on some of the rapids more brittle. Gonna meet a rock, what's headed our way, the place where we cross to the right side, above the threshold, then all the way up to over a few more rapids and get to the platform in the forest where you can regroup on the left-hand side in a braid, with a loop of red string. The length is about 40 m, and the degree of 6 - on the chimney.
Information source
Cristi Popescu - -

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 45° 33' 07.7" E 25° 32' 39.6"    
Retreat route: The path through the forest (off to the right), we'll be back at the base of the wall.



Sursă:Mihai Dăițoiu


Muchia Căprioarei

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Muchia Căprioarei

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GPS: N 45° 33' 07.7" E 25° 32' 39.6"    
Retreat route: The path through the forest (off to the right), we'll be back at the base of the wall.


Muchia Căprioarei