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Vâlcelul Portiţelor 1B
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 1B
Type: Alpine route

Climb duration: 2 - 3 hours
Rock quality: 
Fixed protection quality: 
No. fixed protection: 


PitonsChimneyLoose rocks

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

After about 150 meters of the path in common with Vâlcelul Grohotisului, Vâlcelul Porti?elor to deviate to the left, the point is right above the jumper too much trouble, what shall be avoided to the right. On the same side here we go around the next obstacle, as a high jumper with a window that allows us to welcoming you soon to go around it to the left. Address, but directly to the fourth jumper from about 8 feet away, through a vertical shaft by the beauty of it. The opening and then marking the junction to a wire of the secondary on the right (I say, inspired the name of the track in Cheile Turzii, Vâlcelul filet Mignon). Not too far to meet the ribbon of the broad belt of the Sea. Beyond that, a new spring, seats are opening up, promoting the existence of it in the summer months, a thick layer of snow. Above them, in the talveg meet up for a jumper from about 10 feet away, avoidable on the left, in order to arrive, and then, under a rich and powerful goes a long way. Out of the three possibilities existing right here, we'll go with the one that's next to a chimney, the original hidden in the left side, through which the narrow-mindedness going forward, with delight, after crossing a bit of attention in the valley. Here, the hardness of the thread goes, I don't, and the beauty of the meeting between the other slab of stone stuck between the walls of the vâlcelului.
It diverges here to the right is a tributary of the spikes deep within the body of the ridge, to the height of the seat Grohotisului. The pleasure of the ascent is mitigated in the latter case, the inclination of the further locations and, by implication, the scarcity of take-offs from grass.
Information source
Topo - Walter Kargel, Drumuri spre culmi

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

Access route: Busteni - Gura Diham - Poiana Izvoarelor - Line-Red - the path of Take Ionescu, the Clearing Bucsoiului (1625 m) to the Valley of the Bucsoiului.
Access duration: 2,5 hours



Vâlcelul Portiţelor



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  • 18.03.2017 Daniel Toader
  • 13.12.2015 Gabi Tudorie, Adi G


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Andrei Badea - 18.10.2020, Iarna
- 18.10.2020Partial, deasupra Braului Mare
Alina Madalina Rosu - 18.05.2017
- 18.05.2017
Alina Madalina Rosu - 06.03.2016
- 06.03.2016
Lucian Apostu - 01.01.1900, Iarna

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Access route: Busteni - Gura Diham - Poiana Izvoarelor - Line-Red - the path of Take Ionescu, the Clearing Bucsoiului (1625 m) to the Valley of the Bucsoiului.