Today we celebrate 86 years since Furcile (Peretele Gălbenelelor) first ascent, 2 years since Memorial Páll Endre (Heaven and Hell) (Piatra Altarului) first ascent

Hornul Ascuns 1B, 3c/3c+
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 1B
Rotpunkt grade: 3c/3c+
Type: Alpine route

 Sursă: Andrei Badea 
Orientation: N
Length: 2 pitches
Altitude: 2050 m
Height: 150 m
Climb duration: 1 hour
Rock quality: 
Fixed protection quality: 
No. fixed protection: 


Mechanical anchorsPitonsCams/NutsChimneyLoose rocksPitons and hammerRope

First ascent and re-bolting

First ascent: Nae Dimitriu, Petre Bălăceanu, Alexandru Steopoe, Lupescu
Date: 1934
Repaired: Andrei Badea, Eugen Horjea
Date: 07.07.2021
Story: Link
First winter ascent: Niculae Baticu, Ion Şincan
Date: 15.03.1936

Information source
Bucegi Turism Alpinism ed 2 - N. Dimitriu, Emilian Cristea, 1964
Muntii Bucegi Drumetie Alpinism Schi - Walter Kargel, 2000
Poză - Album Andrei Badea
Poze din traseu - Rupi



Hornul Ascuns


Sursă: Andrei Badea

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Sursă: Andrei Badea

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Sursă: Andrei Badea