Traseul Prietenia lui Simson 6A
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 6A
Aid climbing grade: A1
Type: Classic route

Length: 7 pitches
Rock quality:
Fixed protection quality:
No. fixed protection:


PitonsCams/NutsAid climbingPitons and hammer

First ascent and re-bolting

First ascent: Dan Vasilescu, Ladislau Biró, Marian Petcu, Ticu Lăcătușu
Date: 1988

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

LC 1: Go up the crack wide. After 15m ,the crack ends and we traverse right, then up, aiming the two-flat above us. We'll regroup at the base of it, uncomfortable.

LC 2: Continue up the dihedron easy overhangnt 8m, then on the crack, slightly left, to the second dihedral, he climbs up in opposition. Traverse left 2m and regroup on the threshold of stone.

LC 3: Go to the left of the pool, to catch a crack wide, it exceeds in bavarian. Get another crack wider and easy overhangnta that we want 10m. Continue on to a front aiming tavanelul above. At the time when we get under tavanel we start traverseul to the right, under it, then we will overcome the direct to go out to the pool. The pool uncomfortable.

LC 4: Is a length of free, on a vertical wall, facing slightly left. Climbing on cracks and alveoli. Regroup after 24m, convenient, on a brâni?a of grass.

LC 5: Start with the passage of a small overhangs, and after 2 km, we engage in a traverseu oblique right for 15m. Continue on a vertical face clean for 8m, then continue to the left for the next 6m, and the vertical still 7m. Cross the right and regroup uncomfortable.

LC 6: Is the length of the hard. Start on a wall washing with 2 expansoare, then on a face with fisurele and alveoli to the left, passing them in free climbing. Overcome a beetle and regroup at home on a threshold high, after 32m.

LC 7: Get a few thresholds rocky and regroup at the pins of the ridge.
Information source
Wild Ferenc -
Alpinism în Cheile Bicazului - Wild Ferenc



Traseul Prietenia lui Simson



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