Today we celebrate 68 years since Creasta Piticului (Padina lui Călineţ) first ascent.  

Traseul Ruxandra (The Route Ruxandra) 4B
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 4B
Aid climbing grade: A2
Rotpunkt grade: 7+/8-
Type: Technical rock climbing

Length: 3 pitches
Height: 72 m
Climb duration: 1 - 2 hours
Rock quality:
Fixed protection quality:
No. fixed protection:


PitonsAid climbingOverhangLoose rocks

First ascent and re-bolting

First ascent: Dan Vasilescu, Andrei Gîţă
Date: 1976

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

It is a short route but hard, with many pitons and solid. The hardest is the length of 2, where we have a succession of 3 overhangs.

LC 1: Go on a chimney diagonally right (12m, grade 3), then up in the pool.

LC 2: Go on a dihedral very friable (5m, grade 4) what turns into a chimney, the output of the latter being overhangta. Here climb the first beetle (2m, A2), and after the 3m easy, degree 3, continue on to the second beetle (A2) very well pitonata. Continue on a threshold narrow to the right toward the third beetle, the very air (A2). Regroup uncomfortable on top of her.

LC 3: Continue on a passage friable and well pitonat (A0). At the last piton traverse 10m to the left, up on the edge of the ridge (grade 2).
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Sursă: Wild Ferenc



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