Today we celebrate 84 years since Creasta Mălinului (Colţul Mălinului) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 59 years since Traseul Alveolelor (Peretele Mare din Padina Popii) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 30 years since Traseul Direct (Peretele Răcorelelor) first ascent.  

Traseul Eva (Route Eva) 3B
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 3B
Aid climbing grade: A1
Rotpunkt grade: 6+
Type: Classic route

Length: 3 pitches
Height: 55 m
Climb duration: 1 - 2 hours
Rock quality:
Fixed protection quality:
No. fixed protection:


PitonsMechanical anchorsDihedralTrees

First ascent and re-bolting

First ascent: Dan Vasilescu, Éva Kolcza
Date: 1976
Repaired date: 2006
First rotpunkt ascent: Ladislau Vörös, Gábor Takáts
Date: 1982

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

It is a nice trail and sure, having a few passages of climbing natural medium difficulty. This is the first route in Cheile Bicazului open rotpunkt. (Wild Ferenc)

Insurance fixed consist of pitons and expansion bolts. Can be put and insurance mobile cracks.
Although easy as grade (6+), the route is physically challenging with strain in the dihedral, the opposition, a few moves in the beetle, in bavarian, on a very interesting line on the first 2 lengths, with solid rock (with lichen in places, but not very disturbing).
The first is the length ~45 m, not 35m as it looks sketch, and belay station with 2 expansion bolts is only visible when you get close to it, under the ceiling.
The second length goes on the wall of the compact and ends in the woods, with belay station at the trees.
The third length is carried on the pads of muscle that break, on a dihedral dirty, friabilita?i and wood rotting, with unnecessary risk of broken legs.
For me I would welcome a station booster at the end of the LC2 in order to be able to avoid the last length. (LauraB)
Information source
Wild Ferenc -



Sursă: Wild Ferenc



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User who climbed the route

LauraB - 30.05.2018, Vara

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