Today we celebrate Silviu Corciovei, who reached the beautiful age of 34 years. Happy birthday!. Today we celebrate 58 years since Traseul din Canionul Judele (Vârful Judele (Mare)) first ascent, 58 years since Custura cu Campanule din faţa Sud-Estică a Judelui (Vârful Judele (Mare)) first ascent, 58 years since Muchia Vârfului Mic (Vârful Judele (Mare)) first ascent, 58 years since Custura Judelui (Creasta Custurilor) (Vârful Judele (Mare)) first ascent, 49 years since Traseul Frontal (Creasta Nord-Estică) (Santinela Cheii) first ascent

Veveriţa (Veverita) 3B, 8-
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General characteristics

Classic grade: 3B
Rotpunkt grade: 8-
Type: Classic route

Accommodation: Coştila Refuge
Orientation: S-E
Length: 3 pitches
Altitude: 1650 m
Height: 80 m
Climb duration: 1 - 2 hours
Rock quality:
Fixed protection quality:
No. fixed protection:

First ascent and re-bolting

First ascent: Florin Stan, Pompiliu Pascu, Dumitru Porcescu
Date: 1956

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

This route begins with the escalation of one boulder on top of which we participate on cracks vertical well pitonata. In the end, she goes to the same place that the route of the Famous red
Information source
Bucegi Turism Alpinism ed 2 - Emilian Cristea, 1964
Muntii Bucegi Drumetie Alpinism Schi - W Kargel, 2000
Silvia Iordache -

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

Track GPS:  - Tancul Mic.gpx
GPS: N 45° 25' 51.7" E 25° 30' 03.7"    






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Razvan Hotea - 12.08.2018, Vara
- 12.08.2018
Marian Anghel - 01.11.1996, Vara
- 01.11.1996
Wilhelm Martini - 12.06.1982
- 12.06.1982

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GPS: N 45° 25' 51.7" E 25° 30' 03.7"