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Cosmos (Costică Nimat) (6c+, A1+)
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General characteristics

Mandatory grade: 6c+
Aid climbing grade: A1+
Type: Classic route

 Sursă: roclimbing.net 
Orientation: N, NE
Length: 6 pitches
Recommended season: summer
Rock quality: 
Fixed protection quality: 
No. fixed protection: 


PitonsMechanical anchorsCams/NutsAid climbingOverhangFantasticPitons and hammer

First ascent and re-bolting

First ascent: Costin Morariu, Dan Anghel
Date: 13.09.2009

Route description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

The route covers the central part of the north wall of the gorge, and in its central part, an area where, in 1985, and in 1986 was organized by the Nicolae Nimat two sticks of speed (!) out of the 80 and 100 m and marked with white paint color, is today almost entirely erased. The route broadly follows the route of the round, with the exception of the lc. And (further to the left), and partly to the lc. II (of two and a half), mk. IV and the mk. You (located after the top of the wheel)

The trail rated somewhat subjective, (8-/8, A-1+) has a 5-length string that is added to a length of 60m (grade 3) of the access to, and a crest of long and brittle to cut and run.

They have been placed in 17 of the anchors, and 15 to clean the length of the chord, and 9, the anchors and 1 anchor in the pool, to which are added, two hands (present), and the two anchors on the first pitch of the a string. They have been left in situ, rings promotion and defense of the back (look at the attempts of the rotpunkt routes, these points are not able to hold a fall). The trail is easy overhangt along the entire length with the exception of the length of the IV, crumbly, and a green roof.

Somewhere along the way I met a couple of boat anchors, tiny, 6 or 8 mm in thickness, and the wafers from the sheet used for the tensile strength in the leg, the anchor on which we have duplicated with the new material, but I left it at the front of the site just for the sake of history. In addition to this, we have met on line and I have seen it over the side of a series of inlets carved out at the same time. All the same, I've found, and the tops of the old-equipped with the hands of rusty who I dezechipat as much as possible (some of the hands were broken off when you remove it).
You will need: one set of nuts, small to medium, 1 to 3 frienduri the small, sky-hook is mandatory, the 3 hog rings long enough for that first long, very winding road.

LK 1: 35m
LC-2: 25
LK 3: 25
LK 4: 20
LK 5: 35m
Information source
Dan Anghel - roclimbing.net

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 46° 18' 01.4" E 23° 30' 44.9"    



Cosmos (Costică Nimat)


Sursă: roclimbing.net

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Sursă: roclimbing.net

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GPS: N 46° 18' 01.4" E 23° 30' 44.9"    


Sursă: roclimbing.net