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Personal Data Protection Policy

  • Personal Data Protection Policy

Information regarding personal data processed by RoClimbs

RoClimbs collects as little personal data from readers as possible, and in the few cases where data is collected, we try to minimize and anonymize the data.

Data Collected by RoClimbs - RoClimbs collects the minimum of possible data required for site operation. For users who do not have an account and access RoClimbs to read route descriptions, we do not log anything. For users who have RoClimbs accounts, we register the mail when the account is created (which must be confirmed to activate the account), the rest of the fields (first name, last name) are not verified in any way. When posting comments we register the account that posted, the date, the IP address. Additionally, registered users can award a number of start to each route. To prevent multiple voting, we record users' votes for each route. Registered users can activate the newsletter option, in which case they will receive the most relevant information (news, automated emails after been tagged, etc.) by email. Each email sent has the link to an unsubscribe address in the footer. The IP address is logged for the following actions: Login, Logout, Add / Edit Comments, Add / Edit / Delete Routes, Walls, etc. to prevent possible abuses by posting.

RoClimbs has not give and will not give this data to third parties. If you wish to delete all data collected by RoClimbs about you, send an e-mail to and we will take care of this quickly.

In addition to the data collected by RoClimbs, our pages have code and links to other domains. This code has either a functional role, or links to route logs.

RoClimbs uses Google Analytics to count views. If you do not want to be counted in Analytics, you'll need to use a specially developed plug-in. More details here:

RoClimbs uses share features from Facebook. You can check Facebook's policy and change your preferences on this page

If you wish to exercise your rights under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC General Data Protection (GDPR) regarding your account, please send your request to using the email account used to create your RoClimbs account.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file, made up of letters and numbers. It is downloaded to the memory of a computer or other device used to browse the Internet (smartphone, tablet etc.) when the user accesses a particular website.

When the user accesses a website from an Internet browser, the website sends information to the browser and it creates a text file. Every time the user accesses the site again, the browser sends this file to the website. Thus, the cookie always announces the website whenever the user returns to the site.

Generally, the role of cookies is to ensure a quick and easy interaction between users and websites. Cookies are also used to allow users to easily resume their activities on the next visits of a previously visited site. Basically, cookies tell the server what pages are displayed to the user, without having to remember the pages they navigated or navigate throughout the site from the beginning.

Types of cookies used on RoClimbs site

1. Performance cookies

Performance cookies retrieve the user's preferences and how they use the site, so they no longer need to be set at each site visit. They do not collect information that can identify users, all data being anonymous. Performance cookies are only used to improve how the site works.

2. Session cookies

Session cookies are stored in the user's device during the navigation session. They store an anonymous session identifier, allowing the user to visit a website without having to enter the identification information (username, password etc.) into each page.

Such cookies are commonly used on a website where users can register and log in.

Session cookies are stored in the device memory only during an internet browsing session and are removed when the browser is closed. They can also become inaccessible if the session has been inactive for a certain amount of time.

3. Functional cookies

Functional cookies store user preferences and allow the site to provide an enhanced navigation experience. Thus, these cookies ensure the delivery of custom content based on the browsing history, allowing the user to be recognized.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect information about how visitors use our website. For example, we collect details such as visit source (search engines, direct, social networks, etc.), location, age, sex and total number of visitors. This allows us to determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns and user activity on the site.
Find out more about the Google Analytics privacy policy here:

How can I manage cookies?

The Internet Browser allows users to control / deactivate cookies. This depends on the type of browser you have.
To learn more about enabling / disabling or deleting cookies in your browser, you can access this page:
Some browsers have the "Do not Track" feature that allows users not to be watched during navigation. Blocking cookies or using "Do not Track" may block certain features on our site.

How do I uninstall/delete cookies?

Current browsers provide users with the ability to change their cookie settings. These are usually found in the "Help", "Options" or "Preferences" menu in browsers. Below are information about cookies from the most popular browsers on the internet: