Muchia Ascuţită

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General characteristics


Stone: granite



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Vâlcelul Alb Unidentified route Coordinates2A0     Alpine route00
2.Diedrelor With description With topo Coordinates3A3 pitches0     Classic route00
3.Treptelor With description Coordinates4B6 pitches0     Classic route00
4.Fisura Ascunsă Coordinates4B4 pitches0     Classic route00
5.Creasta Însorită With description Coordinates3A3 pitches0     Classic route00
6.Creasta Ascuţită With description Coordinates4A6 pitches0     Classic route00
7.Ţancul Singuratic Unidentified route Coordinates2B0     Classic route00

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GPS: N 45° 22' 04.5" E 22° 53' 32.5"    

Route distribution

Traseu clasic
Traseu alpin
Traseu clasic
Traseu clasic
Traseu clasic

Diedrelor 3A

Date: 28.08.1961
Traseu clasic

Creasta Însorită 3A

Date: 28.08.1961
First ascent: N. Gabor, Corneliu Pichiu
Traseu clasic

Treptelor 4B

Date: 06.09.1961




GPS: N 45° 22' 04.5" E 22° 53' 32.5"    

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