The Nostrils - Downstream - Across The WaterLa Nări - Aval - Peste Apă (The Nostrils - Downstream - Across The Water)

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General characteristics

Information source

Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Batillo Baronul (Batillo Baron)10-0     Sport climbing00
2.M Design (I Design)10-/100     Sport climbing00
3.404 Not Found (404 Not Found)?0     Sport climbing00
4.Office Ambience (Office Ambience)?0     Sport climbing00
5.Tabere cu suflet (Camps with soul)?0     Sport climbing00
6.Chef de chef (The mood of the chef)?0     Sport climbing00
7.Oludeniz Noel (Oludeniz Noel)?0     Sport climbing00
8.Nu, Zayats, Pogodi (No, Zayats, Pogodi)?0     Sport climbing00
9.Jeleuri şi Bezele (Jellies and Marshmallows)8+0     Sport climbing00
10.Mişcă (Moving)9-0     Sport climbing00
11.Cină cu vecina (Dinner with the neighbor)9-/90     Sport climbing10
12.Friends for Friends (Friends for Friends)9+0     Sport climbing00
13.It Takes Two to Tandem (It Takes Two to Tandem)9+0     Sport climbing00
14.German Optik (German Optik)9-/90     Sport climbing00
15.Mic-Moc (Small-Moc)?0     Sport climbing00
16.Bukkake (Bukkake)80     Sport climbing00
17.Dirty Sanchez (Dirty Sanchez)8+0     Sport climbing00
18.Optim (Optimal)10-0     Sport climbing00
19.Doza de Shoancă (The dose of Shoancă)9/9+0     Sport climbing00
20.Sâmburel (Pipsqueak)8+0     Sport climbing00
21.Ca la Ceuse (As at Ceuse)8-/80     Sport climbing00
22.DWS (DWS)8+25 m0     Sport climbing00

Route distribution