On 19.02.1887 Alexandru Steopoe was born.

Cheile Râşnovului

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General characteristics

 Cheile Râşnovului 

Stone: limestone
Orientation: S-W
Altitude: 810 m
Height: 200 m



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Mai Coordinates4A, 72 pitches0     Classic route01
2.Creasta Frontală With description With picture Coordinates3A, 6+ (5, A0)2 pitches3     Classic route11
3.Musca Coordinates?25 m0     Dry Tooling00
4.Ţânţarul Coordinates?24 m0     Dry Tooling00
5.Lăcusta Coordinates?22 m0     Dry Tooling00
6.Fluturele Coordinates?20 m0     Dry Tooling00
7.Fisura Verde With description Coordinates4B3 pitches0     Classic route01
8.Bondarul Coordinates?20 m0     Dry Tooling00
9.Pintenul Măgarului Fantastic With description With video Coordinates3A, 5 (4, A0)2 pitches4     Classic route35
10.Traseul 3 With description Coordinates4A3 pitches0     Classic route00
11.Amor Subtil Coordinates8-10 m0     Sport climbing00
12.Traseul 4 With description Coordinates3A, 42 pitches0     Classic route20
13.Creasta Generalului 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture With video With comments Coordinates3B, 6+ (4, A0)10 pitches4,666666     Classic route3120
14.Traseul 6 Coordinates7-12 m0     Sport climbing00
15.Traseul 7 Coordinates?12 m0     Dry Tooling00
16.Traseul 7 Bis Coordinates?12 m0     Dry Tooling00
17.Crida Coordinates6+22 m4     Sport climbing11
18.Cezar Manea (Traseul Jgheabului) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With comments Coordinates4B, 7+ (5, A1)5 pitches5     Classic route1610
19.Alpiniada Fantastic With description With topo Coordinates4B, 7 (5, A1)5 pitches0     Classic route01
20.Traseul 8 Coordinates8+30 m0     Sport climbing00
21.Traseul 9 Coordinates8-24 m0     Sport climbing00
22.Moldoveanu (Rapelul Suspendat) Fantastic With description With topo Coordinates5A, (6-, A1)6 pitches0     Classic route21
23.Traseul 10 Coordinates8+28 m0     Sport climbing00
24.Sulfinelor Fantastic With description With topo With comments Coordinates5B, (6+, A1)6 pitches0     Classic route12
25.Surplombele de Aur 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo Coordinates6A, (5, A2+)7 pitches4     Classic route11
26.Pătratul Verde Coordinates5A1 pitches?0     Classic route00
27.Via Ferrata Fantastic With description With video Coordinates0     Via Ferrata21
28.Cifra Şase Coordinates?, 72 pitches0     Classic route00
29.Cifra Şapte Coordinates?, 7+2 pitches0     Classic route00
30.Bin Laden Coordinates815 m0     Sport climbing00

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GPS: N 45° 32' 42.9" E 25° 31' 04.7"    

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Cheile Râşnovului


GPS: N 45° 32' 42.9" E 25° 31' 04.7"    

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