Sectorul I (Manitu)

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General characteristics

 Sursă foto: Rupi 
Information source

Stone: limestone
Height: 35 m



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Ghost dogAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului Coordinates7a13 m0     Sport climbing10
2.New BeginningAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului Coordinates6a15 m0     Sport climbing00
3.AndropauseAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului With picture Coordinates7a+13 m0     Sport climbing10
4.MenopauseAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului With picture Coordinates7b20 m0     Sport climbing10
5.ManituAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului With picture Coordinates6b+23 m0     Sport climbing00
6.CoyoteAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului Coordinates8a35 m0     Sport climbing00
7.SiriusAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului Coordinates6b+25 m0     Sport climbing00
8.RodeoAccess Natural Park Piatra Craiului Coordinates6c+15 m0     Sport climbing00

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GPS: N 45° 31' 21.6" E 25° 16' 24.8"    

Route distribution


Sirius 6b+

Date: 1989


Sursă foto: Rupi


GPS: N 45° 31' 21.6" E 25° 16' 24.8"    

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