Today we celebrate 60 years since Lespezile Padinei Popii (Turnul Mare al Dianei) first ascent, 60 years since Traseul Sângele Voinicului (Peretele Mare din Padina Popii) first ascent, 63 years since Fisurile Centrale (Padina lui Călineţ) first ascent, 15 years since Moon Trip (Prima faleză) first ascent

Sector 3 - Faleza Animalelor

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General characteristics



Follow the road (DN 67D) that connects Băile Herculane town with "Baia de Aramă", trough the Cerna Valley. At the milestone that shows "25km to Băile Herculane" (it is on the backside of the milestone, when you come from Băile Herculane town) the roads splits. The dirtroad to the left, follows the Cerna river and passes "Cheile Bobot" (Bobot Gorges) towards "Cerna Sat" (Cerna Village). The asphalt road to the right goes over the gorges, crosses a bridge and continues towards "Baia de Aramă". The Bobot climbing area is divided in three sub-areas:

1. The area in the gorges with cliffs at the roadside and a cliff across the Cerna river (Sectors 1 and 2)
2. The area afterthe bridge on the road to "Baia de Arama" - called "Faleza Animalelor" (Animal Cliff)(Sector 3)
3. The area above the waterspring - "Faleza Marină" (Marine Cliff)(Sector 4)

For the two sectors in the Bobot gorges you can park your car at the base of the routes, in the gorges, on the side of the dirtroad. For the other two sub-areas park your car on the right side parking after you crossed the bridge on the road to "Baia de Aramă". To reach "Faleza Animalelor" , from the parking go back to the bridge (do not cross) and take the path that goes straight up crossing the small meadow on the right side.The path will enterthe woods nearto the first route of this sector, "Gaia". To reach "Faleza Marină", from the parking go back to the bridge, cross the bridge, and take the path on the left side at the end of the bridge. The path goes up and to the right, crosses a field of boulders and after ~10-15min. reaches the main cliff. There is a waterspring on the roadside (right side) just before you reach the bridge with the parking.

Information source

Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Gaia With topo Coordinates6b+0     Sport climbing00
2.Scorpion With topo With video Coordinates5c+0     Sport climbing12
3.Fluturaşul de Stâncă With topo With video Coordinates5b0     Sport climbing13
4.Hypocampus Melomanus With topo Coordinates7a+0     Sport climbing00
5.Calul Năzdrăvan With topo Coordinates6b+0     Sport climbing00
6.Melcul With topo Coordinates7a0     Sport climbing00
7.Mielu' With description With topo With video Coordinates5b0     Sport climbing12
8.Vipera cu Picioare With description With topo With video Coordinates5c+0     Sport climbing12
9.Salamandra With topo Coordinates7b0     Sport climbing00
10.Chiţ Chiţ Bouldering With topo Coordinates7a+0     Sport climbing00
11.Albinuţa With description With topo With video Coordinates5b0     Sport climbing12
12.Be Careful of the Viper Project With topo Coordinates0     Sport climbing00
13.Spider Pig With topo Coordinates8a0     Sport climbing00
14.Ursus Aviaticus With topo Coordinates6c0     Sport climbing00
15.Cărăbuşul With topo Coordinates6a0     Sport climbing01
16.Cicada With topo With video Coordinates5b0     Sport climbing12
17.Cinteza With topo With video Coordinates5b0     Sport climbing12

Access and retreat

GPS: N 45° 03' 21.3" E 22° 36' 15.2"    


Route distribution




GPS: N 45° 03' 21.3" E 22° 36' 15.2"    

Weather in Cheile Bobot