Today we celebrate 49 years since Traseul Ciuboţica Ursului (Turnul Galben al Dianei) first ascent, 49 years since Fisura Galbenă (Brâul Ciorânga Mare) first ascent

Peretele Albişoarelor

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General characteristics

 Peretele Albişoarelor, Sursă: LauraB 
Information source
Poză - LauraB

Stone: conglomerate



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Vâlcelul Picăturii (Vâlcelul Spălat) With topo With picture Coordinates1B0     Alpine route20
2.Vâlcelul Spânzurat With description With topo With picture Coordinates2A0     Alpine route20
3.Albişoara Strungii (Marelui V) With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates2A5     Alpine route152
4.Albişoara Turnurilor With description With topo With picture Coordinates1B4     Alpine route132
5.Albişoara Hornurilor With description With topo With picture Coordinates2A0     Alpine route121
6.Albişoara Gemenelor 5 star route With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates2A5     Alpine route191
7.Vâlcelul Cantuniari With topo With picture Coordinates2A0     Alpine route00
8.Albişoara Crucii 5 star route With description With topo With picture With video With comments Coordinates2A5     Alpine route247
9.Albişoara Brânei (a Brâului) 5 star route With description With topo With picture With video Coordinates2A0     Alpine route2412
10.Albişoara Răsucită With description With topo With picture Coordinates1B0     Alpine route33
11.Albişorica With topo With picture Coordinates0     Alpine route00
12.Brâul Gemenelor With topo With picture Coordinates0     Alpine route01
13.Brâul Hornurilor With description With topo With picture Coordinates1A0     Alpine route21
14.Brâul Văii Albe With topo With picture Coordinates0     Hiking153

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 45° 25' 14.6" E 25° 29' 50.8"    


Route distribution


Peretele Albişoarelor, Sursă: LauraB


GPS: N 45° 25' 14.6" E 25° 29' 50.8"    

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