Today we celebrate 61 years since Muchia Estică (Matei Schenn) (Turnuleţul) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 45 years since Traseu fără nume (Peretele Răchitei) first ascent.  

The Wall Of SpursPeretele Pintenilor (The Wall Of Spurs)

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General characteristics


Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Traseul Pintenilor (The Route Spurs) With description With topo6A12 pitches2     Technical rock climbing00
2.Traseul Intersectat (The Route Intersected) With description With topo6B11 pitches4     Technical rock climbing30
3.Turnul de Fildeş (The Ivory tower) 5 star route With description With topo With picture5B12 pitches4     Technical rock climbing50
4.Hornul Crinului de Munte (Horn of the Lily of the Mountain)5B8 pitches1     Technical rock climbing00
5.Traseul Siderurgistului (The Route Siderurgistului)5B7 pitches2     Technical rock climbing00
6.Traseul Minerilor (The Route The Miners) With description With topo6A13 pitches2     Technical rock climbing00
7.Traseul Secuilor (Route # ) With description With topo6A12 pitches2     Technical rock climbing00
8.Traseul 16 Iunie (Route 16 June) With description With topo5B14 pitches2     Technical rock climbing10
9.Traseul Maraton (The Route Of The Marathon) With description6A16 pitches2     Technical rock climbing00
10.Traseul Arcadei (Route Arch)6A9 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00



Sursă: Wild Ferenc

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