The Wall PigeonsPeretele Porumbeilor (The Wall Pigeons)

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General characteristics

 Sursă: Rupi 
Information source
Poză: Rupi

Stone: limestone
Orientation: S
Recommended season: spring
Altitude: 550 m
Height: 150 m



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Go-rilla (Go-rilla) Coordinates7-27 m0     Sport climbing00
2.Go Hard Go Rock (Go Hard Go Rock) Coordinates727 m0     Sport climbing00
3.Go-Gosch (Go-Gosch) Coordinates7+29 m0     Sport climbing00
4.Go-Start (Go-Start) Coordinates8-26 m0     Sport climbing00
5.Diedrul Porumbeilor (Dihedron Pigeons) With description Coordinates5B5 pitches0     Technical rock climbing20
6.Gomora (Gomorrah) CoordinatesA1+2 pitches0     Aid00
7.Golander (Golander) Coordinates7+3 pitches0     Sport climbing00
8.Peretele Porumbeilor (The Wall Pigeons) With topo Coordinates5A4 pitches0     Technical rock climbing10
9.Peretele Porumbeilor (varianta directă) (The wall Pigeons (variant direct)) With topo Coordinates5A4 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00

Route distribution


Sursă: Rupi


GPS: N 4,65651308097133E+15°0.0' E 2,36770653470917E+16°0.0'    

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