Today we celebrate 80 years since Canionul Ciorânga Mare (Peretele Ciorânga Mare) first ascent.  

Wall TethersPeretele Pripoanelor (Wall Tethers)

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General characteristics

 Sursă: Gâgă (Peretele Cald) 
Information source
Gâgă - Peretele Cald:

Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Camembert With picture712 m0     Sport climbing00
2.Sajt With picture712 m0     Sport climbing00
3.Iguana With picture6+21 m0     Sport climbing01
4.Greuceanu With picture7-16 m0     Sport climbing01
5.Varan With picture8-19 m0     Sport climbing00
6.Batman With picture9+17 m0     Sport climbing00
7.Un Creier în Minus With picture7+/8-45 m0     Trad00
8.Ortacul (Memorial Ilie Humiţă) With description With picture8+2 pitches0     Sport climbing00
9.Lélek Vesztő With description With picture8+3 pitches0     Sport climbing00
10.Lopakodó (Hoţie) With picture8-25 m0     Sport climbing00
11.Pompidou With picture6+25 m0     Sport climbing01
12.Patagonia With description With picture8-2 pitches0     Sport climbing00
13.Înainte să adorm With picture7-23 m0     Sport climbing00
14.Priponul Mare With picture4A3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing32
15.Adiere With picture7-26 m0     Sport climbing00
16.Ciklon With description With picture9-/93 pitches0     Sport climbing00
17.Hurikan With description With picture?3 pitches0     Sport climbing00
18.Labirint With description With picture7+3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing10
19.Vânt With picture8-/819 m0     Sport climbing00
20.Foitaş With picture8-/820 m0     Sport climbing00
21.Kashmir With picture?20 m0     Sport climbing00
22.Sictir With description With picture72 pitches0     Sport climbing00
23.Speranța With picture6-4     Sport climbing00
24.Ignoranța With picture?0     Sport climbing00
25.Vidraru' With picture?0     Sport climbing00
26.Alexandra With picture752 m0     Sport climbing00
27.Ficatu Praf With picture7-51 m0     Trad00
28.Tajsz With description With picture8+2 pitches0     Sport climbing00
29.Între Pripoane I With picture3A2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing11
30.Între Pripoane II With picture4B2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing10
31.Priponul Mic With picture3A2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing10

Route distribution


Sursă: Gâgă (Peretele Cald)


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