Sectors In the Circus and the ParrotSectoarele La Circ şi Papagal (Sectors In the Circus and the Parrot)

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General characteristics


Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Circ (Circus)511 m0     Sport climbing12
2.Manşa Ucide (Stick Kill)411 m0     Sport climbing01
3.Greaţa (Nausea)412 m0     Sport climbing01
4.Fetiş (Fetish)412 m0     Sport climbing01
5.Clovnul Trist (The Sad Clown)413 m0     Sport climbing01
6.One by One (One by One)413 m0     Sport climbing11
7.Şezlong (Sun lounger)6-13 m0     Sport climbing01
8.Jmecher Prost (Cool Fool)6+12 m0     Sport climbing10
9.Felină Obosită (Feline Tired)612 m0     Sport climbing01
10.Muza Moale (Muse Soft)7-13 m0     Sport climbing00
11.Secera (Sickle)515 m0     Trad00
12.Mokus (Mokus)5+10 m0     Sport climbing01
13.Mokus Moha (Mokus Moha)411 m0     Sport climbing01
14.Două Într-unu (Two-In-one)4+18 m0     Sport climbing00
15.Variantă (Variant)518 m2     Sport climbing01
16.Papagal în Serie (Parrot in the Series)419 m0     Sport climbing00
17.Buba (Buba)6-19 m0     Sport climbing00
18.P. C. (P. C.)622 m0     Sport climbing00
19.Dildo (Dildo)622 m4     Sport climbing01
20.Papagal (Parrot)515 m4     Sport climbing02
21.Pinochio (Pinocchio)6+20 m0     Sport climbing01
22.Gepeto (Gepeto)6+20 m0     Sport climbing01
23.Figaro (Figaro)720 m0     Sport climbing00
24.Nefeli (Nefeli)820 m0     Sport climbing00
25.Beri-Beri (Beri-Beri)6+20 m0     Sport climbing01
26.Raţa (Duck)6-20 m0     Sport climbing00

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