Peretele CaldPeretele Cald - Sector Băieţi Buni (Peretele Cald)

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General characteristics

 Schiţă sectoare escalada Peretele Cald. Sursa: Gâga 


Peretele Cald [the Warm Wall] is described by sports climbing routes, mostly one pitch, with south exposure.
An ideal climbing area in winter, when there is sun, or in the cold seasons, when other sectors are in share or under unfriendly temperatures.

The wall is located on the top line of Cheile Turzii, close to the plateau where Sandulestilor Cross is placed.

Getting there: from Cheia village park the car near the hut found at the entrance in the gorge. Walk on the touristic trail that leads through the forest, towards the plateau. Go up until the trail exits the forest. At some point you will see on the left a line o rock walls, very close to the plateau. When you get at the same level with the wall, go left for about 4-5 minutes until you reach the base of Peretele Cald.

Stone: limestone
Orientation: S
Recommended season: winter



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.De Pomană (Charity)250     Sport climbing00
2.De Pomană (Charity)250     Sport climbing00
3.Traseu (Route)721 m0     Sport climbing00
4.Rich Bitch (Rich Bitch)7-50 m0     Sport climbing00
5.Sirena (Siren)?50 m0     Sport climbing00
6.The Rise of Sodom (The Rise of Sodom)?50 m0     Sport climbing00
7.Mă-ta (Me-your)6+32 m0     Sport climbing01
8.Tuta (Tuta)8-33 m0     Sport climbing00
9.Breaker (Breaker)8-2 pitches0     Sport climbing00
10.Piaza rea (A bad omen)?17 m0     Sport climbing00
11.Băieţi Buni (Good Guys) With description8-46 m0     Sport climbing01
12.Big Dick Toy (Big Dick Toy)7-52 m0     Sport climbing01
13.Millennium (Millennium) With description4A2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
14.Breaker (Breaker)4B2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
15.Mitoman de Carieră (Mythomaniac Career)7-36 m0     Sport climbing00
16.Speri Mata (Hope Mata)?32 m0     Sport climbing00
17.Curara (Curare)8-17 m0     Sport climbing00
18.Progeria (Progeria)8-17 m0     Sport climbing00
19.Tetania (What)8-13 m0     Sport climbing00
20.Cheloo (Almost half lost their lives)813 m0     Sport climbing00
21.Societatea (The company)710 m0     Sport climbing00

Access and retreat

Acces duration: 20-30 min
Retreat duration: 15 min



Schiţă sectoare escalada Peretele Cald. Sursa: Gâga

Route distribution


Schiţă sectoare escalada Peretele Cald. Sursa: Gâga


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