Today we celebrate 61 years since Traseul Izvorului (Peretele Padinei Închise) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 60 years since Traseul Floarea de Colţ (Turnul Mare al Dianei) first ascent.  

Wall Heat Sector The New TimesPeretele Cald - Sector Timpuri Noi (Wall Heat Sector The New Times)

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General characteristics


Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Fisura Marac (Crack Marac)3A2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing01
2.Hornul Marac (Chimney Marac)4A2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing21
3.Hornul Ascuns (Chimney Hidden)4A3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
4.Ancuţa (Ancuta)3B4 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
5.Hornul Vulturilor (Chimney Eagle)1B3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
6.Milică (Milică)10-9 m0     Sport climbing10
7.Stan (Stan)6+28 m0     Sport climbing00
8.Bubu (Bubu)6+27 m0     Sport climbing00
9.Luca (Luke)7-25 m0     Sport climbing00
10.Văru' Maftei (My Cousin Maftei)823 m0     Sport climbing10
11.Stere (Stere)8-22 m0     Sport climbing00
12.Tanţa (Tance)7+22 m0     Sport climbing00

Route distribution




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