The Edge Of The Volcano – Wall BrânelorMuchia Vulcanului – Peretele Brânelor (The Edge Of The Volcano – Wall Brânelor)

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General characteristics

 Sursă: Cristi Popescu 
Information source
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Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Send me an angel (Send me an angel)726 m0     Sport climbing00
2.Winds of Change (Winds of Change)8-2 pitches0     Sport climbing00
3.Holiday (Holiday)7-26 m0     Sport climbing00
4.Labe'ncinse (Paws'ncinse)8-23 m0     Sport climbing00
5.Urusag (Urusag)8-30 m0     Sport climbing00
6.Muchia Vulcanului (The Edge Of The Volcano) With description With topo With picture4B5 pitches0     Technical rock climbing11
7.Talanga (Talanga)7-20 m0     Sport climbing11
8.Mama (Mother)5+20 m0     Sport climbing11
9.Ilogic (Illogical)7+30 m0     Sport climbing00
10.Fulg de Nea (Snowflake)7-1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
11.Cumulus (Cumulus) With description With topo With picture7-5 pitches0     Sport climbing30
12.Nimbus (Nimbus)71 pitches0     Sport climbing10
13.Crivătz (Crivătz)830 m0     Sport climbing00
14.Tsunami (Tsunami)8-1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
15.Amun Ra (Amun-Ra)930 m0     Sport climbing00
16.Umbra (Shadow)81 pitches0     Sport climbing00
17.El Niño (El Niño)8-20 m0     Sport climbing00
18.Glasul Pământului (The Voice Of The Earth)7-25 m0     Sport climbing00
19.Ang Babu (Ang Babu)7+5 pitches0     Sport climbing10
20.Babu Chiri (Babu Rent)84 pitches0     Sport climbing10
21.Sherpa (Sherpa) 5 star route7+5 pitches0     Sport climbing11
22.Aurul (Gold)5B4 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
23.Hornul Vasilescu (Chimney Vasilescu)4A2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00

Route distribution


Sursă: Cristi Popescu