Today we celebrate 72 years since Trei Surplombe (Peretele Gălbenelelor) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 45 years since Traseul 1 (Ocolaşul Mic) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 45 years since Traseul 2 (Ocolaşul Mic) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 45 years since Traseul 3 (Ocolaşul Mic) first ascent.  

The Ridge Of The VolcanoPintenul Vulcanului (The Ridge Of The Volcano)

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General characteristics

 Sursă: Cristi Popescu 
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Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Creasta Pintenului (The Crest Of The Spur)3A3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
2.Vulpea (Fox)6+2 pitches0     Sport climbing00
3.Uhuru (Uhuru)8-1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
4.Haţegana (Hațegana)7+/8-30 m0     Sport climbing00
5.Sogat (Sogat)6+1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
6.Cucul (The cuckoo)6+1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
7.Vânturel (Red-footed falcon)71 pitches0     Sport climbing00
8.Kikuiu (Kikuiu)7-1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
9.Bursuc (Badger)7-1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
10.Iarba rea (Bad grass)820 m0     Sport climbing00
11.Central (Central)3B3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
12.Vijelie (Squall)81 pitches0     Sport climbing00
13.Veveriţa (Squirrel)7-2 pitches0     Sport climbing00
14.Tremalzzo (Tremalzzo)8-30 m0     Sport climbing00
15.Guşterul (The european green lizard)6+1 pitches0     Sport climbing10
16.Muchia Pintenului (The Edge Of The Spur)2A3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
17.Huhurezu (Huhurezu)7+27 m0     Sport climbing00
18.Placenta (The Placenta)7+/8-27 m0     Sport climbing00
19.Iadesh (Iadesh)7-27 m0     Sport climbing00
20.Clasic (Classic)630 m0     Sport climbing00
21.Alunaru (Alunaru)817 m0     Sport climbing00
22.Bufy (Bufy)8+16 m0     Sport climbing00
23.Omu Alb (Man White)727 m0     Sport climbing00
24.Santiago de Recas (Santiago de Recas)826 m0     Sport climbing00
25.Mişcări Hoaţe (Moves Thieves)726 m0     Sport climbing00

Route distribution


Sursă: Cristi Popescu