Today we celebrate 61 years since Trandafirul Negru (Peretele Mare din Padina Popii) first ascent

Peretele Corbilor

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General characteristics

 Sursă: Cristi Popescu 

Description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

This is the wall of the highest and most spectacular of the Volcano. Here he made the first china-1963 - the Edge of the Thirst, which is located on the western (left) side of the wall, today, the route is dropped (friable and non-friable, depitonat). In the latter there is a range of rock-climbing. The classic trails are a good pitonate, they were part overhangte, but also loose in some places, putting the problems of orientation in the final (easy). Withdrawals are made on the plate down under the Edge of the Zaganului.

The entry in the first quarter. The hunters of the Mountains, and Caves, to Suspended is located at the base of the big overhangs of the yellow color of the Edge of the Thirst and the Edge of the Stânjenelului.

Tr. The cave (at the right-hand Edge of the Stânjenelului) starting from the end of the Cave (a diaclaza of about 20 m in length), beneath the ceiling of its output, making it to the other side. All of the four routes described above are the output of the common plate.

Tr. Daisy, the longest in the area, and presents problems of orientation as to the sixth in length, with orientation to the left towards the Yew tree the giant where to be able to talk. The seventh the length goes vertically up the wall from the top of the Tisa river before the trail (clean, rare). Please note: the Yew does not go to the girdle on the right.
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Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Cactus Jack Coordinates6b1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
2.Tarzan Coordinates6b+/6c1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
3.Bronco Billy Coordinates6b1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
4.Racilor Coordinates6a1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
5.Broscoi Coordinates6c1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
6.Licuric Coordinates6b1 pitches0     Sport climbing00
7.Muchia Setii Coordinates4A5 pitches0     Classic route00
8.Vânătorii de Munte Coordinates5A4 pitches0     Classic route00
9.Grota Suspendată Coordinates5A5 pitches0     Classic route00
10.Muchia Stânjenelului Coordinates4A, 6b+/6c5 pitches0     Classic route01
11.Traseul Peşterii Coordinates4B, 6b5 pitches0     Classic route00
12.Premieră Neterminată Coordinates?2 pitches0     Classic route00
13.Margaretelor Coordinates5A, 7a+8 pitches0     Classic route10
14.21 Iulie Coordinates6b+2 pitches0     Sport climbing00

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 46° 14' 00.8" E 22° 57' 42.3"    

Route distribution


Sursă: Cristi Popescu


GPS: N 46° 14' 00.8" E 22° 57' 42.3"    

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