Valleys and circusVăi şi brâne (Valleys and circus)

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General characteristics

 Văile din versantul nordic al Coştilei. Sursa: LauraB 

Stone: conglomerate



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Brâna Mare a Coştilei (Girdle of the High Coștilei) 5 star route With description With picture1A5     Alpine route3221
2.Brâna Pintenului Văii Albe (Girdle Of The Spur Of The Valley White) Fantastic With picture1B0     Alpine route21
3.Blidul Uriaşilor (Bowl Giants) With topo1B0     Alpine route20
4.Vâlcelul Blidului Uriașului (Vâlcelul The Platter To The Giant)1B0     Alpine route62
5.Circurile Văii Albe (Cirques Of The Valley White)1A0     Hiking02
6.Brâna Aeriană - Creasta Văii Albe (Girdle Of The Air - The Ridge Of The Valley White) 5 star route Fantastic With picture1A5     Alpine route7634
7.Vâlcelul Stâncos (Vâlcelul Rocky)1A0     Hiking01
8.Vâlcelul Policandrului (Vâlcelul Policandrului) With picture1B0     Alpine route00
9.Vâlcelul Uriaşului (Pietros) (Vâlcelul Giant (Rocky))1B0     Alpine route00
10.Valea Coştilei (Valley Coștilei) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture1B4,666666     Alpine route3420
11.Valea Gălbenelelor (The Valley Marigold) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture1B5     Alpine route6638
12.Brâul Strungii (The Girdle Strungii)1A0     Alpine route13
13.Hornul Coamei (Chimney Ridge) 5 star route With description With topo With picture1B5     Alpine route3915
14.Hornul dintre Fire (The chimney of the Wires) With description With topo With picture1A4     Alpine route1216
15.Secundarul Gălbenelelor (The Secondary Of The Marigolds) With description With topo With picture1B0     Alpine route166
16.Vâlcelul Santinelei (Vâlcelul Sentinel) With description With picture0     Alpine route31
17.Vâlcelul Ascuns (Vâlcelul lui Theodoru) (Vâlcelul Hidden (Vâlcelul his Theodoru)) With description With picture1A0     Alpine route11
18.Valea Colţilor (The Valley Of The Tusks) With description With topo1B4     Alpine route3919
19.Valea Hornului (Valley Chimney) With description With topo1B0     Alpine route52
20.Valea Scoruşilor (Valley Scorușilor) With topo1B0     Alpine route77
21.Vâlcelul Mălinului (Vâlcelul Mălinului)1B0     Alpine route10
22.Valea Mălinului (Valley Mălinului) With description With topo With picture1B3     Alpine route528
23.Brâul de Sus (Girdle Top)1A0     Alpine route32
24.Brâul de Mijloc (The girdle of the Middle) With picture1B0     Alpine route32
25.Brâna Caprelor (The Trail Of The Goats)0     Hiking20
26.Valea Verde (Valley Green) With picture1A0     Alpine route01
27.Valea Seacă a Coştilei (Valea Seacă has Coștilei) With description With picture1B0     Alpine route83
28.Brâul cu Jnepeni (Girdle with Juniper trees)1A0     Alpine route10
29.Valea Ţapului (Valea Tapului) With description With picture1B4     Alpine route258
30.Valea Urzicii (The Valley Of The Nettles) With description With picture With comments2A4     Alpine route254
31.Valea Caprelor (Valley Of The Goats) With picture1B0     Alpine route33
32.Valea Priponului (Valley Priponului) With description With picture With comments1A0     Alpine route4010
33.Valea Căldărilor (Valley Boiler)1A0     Alpine route36
34.Valea Cerbului (Deer Valley)1A0     Alpine route02



Văi şi brâne

Route distribution


Văile din versantul nordic al Coştilei. Sursa: LauraB


Weather in Coştila

Last routes climbed in Coştila

Fisura Policandrului 5B, 6 A1 (7+/8-)

Follows a natural line, mainly on cracks, having a small roof on the middle of the route. Unfortunately the fixed protection is old and not always trustworthy.
    Constantinescu Anita - 11.11.2018

Just another fucking day (JAFD) 7A, 7+/8- A0 (8+/9-)

Considered the longest multi-pitch route in Romania, JAFD is a hard modern route in the highest wall of Bucegi Mountains. 14 pitches, conglomerate rock, a mix of sports & trad climbing protection.
    Constantinescu Anita - 04.11.2018

Diedrul Pupezei 6A, 6+/7- A0 (7+)

One of the classics of Coştila, having 2 pitches of a very beautiful dihedral.
    Titus Gonțea, Mihai Sava - 04.11.2018