Sector IV - the OdysseySector IV - Odiseea (Sector IV - the Odyssey)

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General characteristics

 Sector IV - Odiseea 

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Is the first wall that is seen on the right hand side at the entrance to the Keys Folea from Baile Olanesti. The first routes opened were the 2 climbing, then it was open to those with protection mobile.
Information source
Laurenţiu Anghel:

Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Penelopa (Penelope)8-/82 pitches0     Sport climbing00
2.Cyclop (Cyclop)6+/7-35 m0     Trad00
3.Circe (variantă stânga) (Circe (variant left))7-35 m0     Trad00
4.Circe (Circe)735 m0     Trad00
5.Ulysse (Ulysse)7-35 m0     Trad00
6.Calypso (Calypso)8-/82 pitches5     Sport climbing01
7.Helios (Helios)735 m0     Trad00
8.Selena (Selena)7-35 m0     Trad00
9.Twinkle (Twinkle)6+/7-25 m0     Trad00

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Sector IV - Odiseea