The Cliff LadderFaleza Scara (The Cliff Ladder)

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General characteristics


Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Polaris (Polaris)60     Sport climbing00
2.Bingo (Bingo)6+0     Sport climbing00
3.Ghost (Ghost)7+0     Sport climbing00
4.Violeta (Violeta)8+0     Sport climbing00
5.Black Hungry (Black Hungry)8-0     Sport climbing00
6.Red Label (Red Label)70     Sport climbing00
7.Hunter (Hunter)9-0     Sport climbing00
8.Sharm (Sharm)7+/8-0     Sport climbing00
9.Furnicuţa (Furnicuța)?0     Sport climbing00
10.Sweet Heart (Sweet Heart)80     Sport climbing00
11.Renegate (Renegade)90     Sport climbing00
12.Good Luck (Good Luck)6+0     Sport climbing00
13.Lobotomy (Lobotomy)8-0     Sport climbing00
14.Error (Error)4A2 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
15.Dellirum (Dellirum)8-0     Sport climbing00
16.Scara (Ladder)?0     Sport climbing00
17.Next Time (Next Time)7+0     Sport climbing00
18.Pornography (Pornography)60     Sport climbing00
19.Traseul Copiilor (The Route Of The Children)40     Sport climbing00
20.My Lady (My Lady)6+0     Sport climbing00
21.Maimuka (Maimuka)6+0     Sport climbing00
22.Veronica (Veronica)40     Sport climbing00
23.Şoricelul Aurică (Mouse Auric)40     Sport climbing00
24.Aurora (Aurora)6-0     Sport climbing00
25.Motanul Dănilă (Cat Danila)40     Sport climbing00
26.Schizo (Schizo)80     Sport climbing00
27.Foca (Foca)60     Sport climbing00
28.Moka (Moka)5+0     Sport climbing00
29.Cobra (Cobra)6-0     Sport climbing00

Route distribution