On 13.04.1913 Nicolae Tipei was born.

Piatra Vlaicului

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General characteristics


Description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

“Stone Vlaicului” or ‘the Church of Vlaicu” as i it, is a blade rocky triangular shape of the andesite found at
23 km from the Sea and 42 km from Sighetul Marmatiei. The place is known by montaniarzii local due point
the belvedere that offers a beautiful panorama on the peak Mogosa and of the depression of baia mare.

In the year 2008 at the joint initiative of the mountaineers Murczko Danica from Sighetul Marmatiei and Kovács, Alexander (Charlie) of Baia Mare,
the group of climbers who took part in the first course of amenajatori climbing routes, organized in Slabs-Ignis by the Federation
Romanian mountaineering and Climbing under the leadership of Justin Smith, have started planning the routes of rock climbing at Stone Vlaicului.
In the group have never been part besides the initiators, Gliga Eugen, Costin Alexandru from Baia Mare and Kovács, Alexander (Santa) from Sighetul
Marmatiei at which the subsequently, and have brought an important contribution through the work Diana Marc, Cristian Abrihan and Costin Alexandru Antonio
(Jr.), all in Baia Mare.

The equipment, in addition to the staff, includes the chord of 50 m and 10 loops equipped.
Information source
fralpinism.ro - http://www.fralpinism.ro/topo/topo-piatra-vlaicului-baia-mare.pdf

Stone: andesite
Orientation: S
Height: 22 m



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Creasta Vlaicului With description With topo Coordinates2B, 5a2 pitches0     Classic route11
2.Vis de vară With topo Coordinates6c8 m0     Sport climbing00
3.Romance With topo Coordinates6a+10 m0     Sport climbing01
4.G.E.58 With topo Coordinates5c10 m0     Sport climbing01
5.Primul S. With topo Coordinates5a+14 m0     Sport climbing01
6.Hurcă With topo Coordinates6b+/6c12 m0     Sport climbing01
7.Moluscuță With topo Coordinates5c14 m0     Sport climbing01
8.Pata albă With topo Coordinates6b+13 m0     Sport climbing01
9.Dyno With topo Coordinates6a+/6b13 m0     Sport climbing01
10.Alfa With topo Coordinates5a12 m0     Sport climbing01
11.Omega With topo Coordinates5b14 m0     Sport climbing01
12.Moșu With topo Coordinates5a14 m0     Sport climbing01
13.Charlie With topo Coordinates6a+18 m0     Sport climbing01
14.Danika With topo Coordinates6a/6a+18 m0     Sport climbing01
15.Manșă With topo Coordinates18 m0     Sport climbing00
16.Axel With topo Coordinates5b22 m0     Sport climbing01

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 47° 41' 18.2" E 23° 46' 47.9"    
Access route: At Mile 23 in 10 minutes of walking through the forest we arrive at the boardwalk.


Route distribution




GPS: N 47° 41' 18.2" E 23° 46' 47.9"    
Access route: At Mile 23 in 10 minutes of walking through the forest we arrive at the boardwalk.

Weather in Piatra Vlaicului