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Cliff HighFaleza Mare (Cliff High)

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General characteristics

 Faleaza Limpedea - Google Street View 

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Being a former rock quarry, the columns of andesite are fractured both vertically and horizontally. For this reason they collapsed in the time columns, dislodged stone blocks and outlets in the form of straightedge, after a cycle of summer-winter, may to a small extent to the dimensions, or to fall, by changing slightly the line and grade of the route.

The uniqueness of the cliff from Limpedea is conferred by the outlets in the form of straightedge horizontal having 5-10 cm long, and 0.5-3 cm depth with straight edges, 80% of the trails with this format, the degree of difficulty is given by the size, number and arrangement of rigletelor in the route.

The rock is sticky being an andesite-dacite piroxenic; the only drawback consisting in the fine dust deposited by the waters of infiltration on the outlets of several trails. Summer even after heavy rains the wall is drying fast under the influence of currents of air from the Valley Firizei. The recommended period is April-September, the layout of the approximate N-S gives the sun until mid-day respectively shade in the rest of the day.
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Stone: andesite
Orientation: S
Recommended season: spring
Height: 15 m



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Fisură (Crack) With picture Coordinates715 m0     Sport climbing01
2.Keene-G (Keene-G) With picture Coordinates6+/7-15 m0     Sport climbing00
3.Fix Pix (Pix Fix) With picture Coordinates7/7+15 m0     Sport climbing01
4.Sverdrupf (Sverdrupf) With picture Coordinates715 m0     Sport climbing01
5.K3 (K3) With picture Coordinates6+/7-15 m0     Sport climbing01
6.Noi Doi (The Two Of Us) With picture Coordinates615 m0     Sport climbing01
7.Ray-K (Ray-K) With picture Coordinates8-/815 m0     Sport climbing00
8.RFN (RFN) With picture Coordinates6+15 m0     Sport climbing01
9.Hoarda (The horde) With picture Coordinates715 m0     Sport climbing00
10.Ți-ar Plăcea (Would you Like) With picture Coordinates8/8+15 m0     Sport climbing00
11.C4 (C4) With picture Coordinates7-/715 m0     Sport climbing00
12.Kiki (Kiki) With picture Coordinates6+15 m0     Sport climbing01
13.Geka Genius (Geka Genius) With picture Coordinates8-/815 m0     Sport climbing00
14.? (?) Coordinates?15 m0     Sport climbing00
15.Rock Masters (Rock Masters) With picture Coordinates7+/8-15 m0     Sport climbing00
16.Fire Contact (Wires Contact) With picture Coordinates8-15 m0     Sport climbing00
17.Blaze of Glory (Blaze of Glory) With picture Coordinates8-/815 m0     Sport climbing00
18.Histeric (Histeric) With picture Coordinates7+15 m0     Sport climbing00
19.Forță și Impertinență (Force and Impertinence) With picture Coordinates8-15 m0     Sport climbing00
20.Obsession (Obsession) With picture Coordinates7+15 m0     Sport climbing00
21.New Balance (New Balance) With picture Coordinates7/7+15 m0     Sport climbing00
22.Degeaba (Nothing) With picture Coordinates715 m0     Sport climbing00
23.Lângă (Next) With picture Coordinates7+/8-15 m0     Sport climbing00
24.Treger Ștefan (Treger Stephen) With picture Coordinates7/7+15 m0     Sport climbing00
25.Imposibil (Impossible) With picture Coordinates?15 m0     Sport climbing00
26.Terminator (Terminator) With picture Coordinates8-15 m0     Sport climbing00
27.Primavară (Spring) With picture Coordinates?15 m0     Sport climbing00
28.O Zi Mai Târziu (A Day Later) With picture Coordinates8-15 m0     Sport climbing00
29.Cum Vrei Tu (How You Want) Fantastic With picture Coordinates715 m0     Sport climbing00
30.Asteptând-o pe Eliza (Waiting for Eliza) With picture Coordinates8+/9-15 m0     Sport climbing00
31.Minus (Minus) With picture Coordinates7/7+15 m0     Sport climbing00
32.Anemia (Anemia) With picture Coordinates7+15 m0     Sport climbing00
33.Andurance (Andurance) With picture Coordinates7-/715 m0     Sport climbing00
34.Roco (Roco) With picture Coordinates715 m0     Sport climbing00
35.Renegatus (Renegatus) With picture Coordinates?15 m0     Sport climbing00
36.Iluzion (Iluzion) With picture Coordinates6-/615 m0     Sport climbing11
37.Mistake (Mistake) With picture Coordinates7+15 m0     Sport climbing00
38.Țeapă (Spike) With picture Coordinates6+/7-15 m0     Sport climbing00

Route distribution


Faleaza Limpedea - Google Street View


GPS: N 4,77003325051708E+16°0.0' E 2,3628860686676E+16°0.0'