Today we celebrate 11 years since TNT (Faţa Surplombelor (Peretele Marelui H)) first ascent.  

The Corner Of The ViperColţul Viperei (The Corner Of The Viper)

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General characteristics

 Colţul Viperei 

Stone: limestone
Height: 120 m



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Traseul Viperei (The Route Of The Viper)4B5 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
2.Surplomba Mare (Overhanging Climbing High)5A5 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
3.Traseul Cuibului (The Route Of The Nest)4B4 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
4.Traseul Hoinarilor (The Route Ramblers) Fantastic With description With picture4A3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing40
5.Fisura Iadului (The Crack Of Hell)4A3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing00
6.Traseul Slăvoacă (The Route Slăvoacă)4B3 pitches0     Technical rock climbing10

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Colţul Viperei