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Km 10

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General characteristics



Follow the road (DN 67D) that connects Băile Herculane town with "Baia de Aramă", trough the Cerna Valley. Park your car at the milestone that shows "10km to Băile Herculane" (it is on the backside of the milestone, when you come from Băile Herculane town). Take the path in the woods that starts at the end of the sidewall of the road across where you have parked. After —100m the path turns hard to the left and goes flat on the mountainside until it reaches a meadow. Here you will look up to the cliffs and follow the right margin of the meadow, straight up. At the right-end corner of the meadow you will follow the path back into the woods. The path will go almost straight up towards the cliffs and get there in front of the routes "Cave" and "Carstic". Here is a small cave where you can hide from rainshowers. There is a waterspring situated between the road and the meadow you passed.To find it follow a path that starts going down towards the road at the left low end of the meadow.

Information source

Stone: limestone
Height: 25 m



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Sector I With description With topo Coordinates English translationlimestone25 m911
2.Sector II With description With topo Coordinates English translationlimestone25 m1501

Access and retreat

GPS: N 44° 57' 22.5" E 22° 28' 58.3"    


Route distribution




GPS: N 44° 57' 22.5" E 22° 28' 58.3"    

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