The Area ?ancurilorZona Ţancurilor (The Area ?ancurilor)

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General characteristics

 Sursă: Adrian Munteanu 

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Is the maifrecventata of climbers thanks to the numerous trails here and accesuluifacil. The only drawback of the area is the heat unbearable during the veriidatorita exposure south of walls. The majority of the routes here are pespituri and tops for the wheel. Ideal for heating are traseelePrieteniei and Diagonal, restored on the expansion bolts and cleaned.
Information source
Adrian Munteanu -

Stone: limestone
Orientation: S



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Peretele Grotei (The Wall Of The Cave) With topo With picturelimestone1005
2.Ţancul Mare (Nose Have Anything To Do Great) With topo With picturelimestone1114
3.Ţancul Geamăn Stâng (Nose Have Anything To Do Twin Left) With topo With picturelimestone906
4.Ţancul Geamăn Drept (Nose Have Anything To Do The Twin Right) With topo With picturelimestone7010
5.Peretele Ascuns (The Wall Hid The) With topo With picturelimestone9013
6.Ţancul Fetelor (Nose Have Anything To Do Girls) With description With topo With picturelimestone110
7.Peretele Spălat (Wall Washing) With topo With picturelimestone400



Sursă: Adrian Munteanu

Route distribution


Sursă: Adrian Munteanu