Today we celebrate 72 years since Trei Surplombe (Peretele Gălbenelelor) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 45 years since Traseul 1 (Ocolaşul Mic) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 45 years since Traseul 2 (Ocolaşul Mic) first ascent.  Today we celebrate 45 years since Traseul 3 (Ocolaşul Mic) first ascent.  

Valleys and circusVăi şi brâne (Valleys and circus)

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General characteristics


Stone: conglomerate



Nr.    Name    Grade    Length    Beauty    Type    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Brâul Mic al Caraimanului (The waistband Small of the Caraiman mountain) With description With picture1A0     Alpine route12
2.Vâlcelul Dracilor (Beldie) (Vâlcelul Devils (Beldie))1B0     Alpine route00
3.Brâna Portiţei (Girdle Of The Village) 5 star route Fantastic With topo With picture1A0     Alpine route409
4.Vâlcelul Cuminte (Vâlcelul Poliţelor) (Vâlcelul Good (Vâlcelul Policies)) With picture1B0     Alpine route52
5.Vâlcelul Ţiţeica (Vâlcelul Using The) With description With picture1A4     Alpine route513
6.Valea Spumoasă (Valley Bubbly) With description With picture1A0     Alpine route37
7.Vâlcelul Înspumat (Vâlcelul Foamy)0     Hiking24
8.Vâlcelul Izvorului (Grohotişul Înflorit) (Vâlcelul Spring (Detritus Blooming))1A0     Alpine route33
9.Vâlcelul de sub Portiţă (Vâlcelul under the Loophole)1B0     Alpine route00
10.Brâul Diagonal (The Girdle Diagonal) With picture1B0     Alpine route51
11.Valea lui Zangur (The valley of Zangur) With description With topo With picture1B0     Alpine route95
12.Vâlcelul Uriaşului (Vâlcelul Giant) With topo1B0     Alpine route10
13.Vâlcelul Mortului (Vâlcelul Of The Dead) With topo With picture1B0     Alpine route146
14.Spintecătura Văii Seci (Spintecătura Valley Dry) With topo1B0     Alpine route00
15.Valea Seacă a Caraimanului (Valea Seaca in Caraiman) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture2A0     Alpine route5311
16.Spălătura Văii Seci (Wash The Valley Dry) Fantastic With description With topo2A0     Alpine route30
17.Spălătura Văii Seci (directă) (Wash the Valley of the Dry (direct)) With description With topo With picture4A0     Technical rock climbing13
18.Brâul lui Rafail (The girdle of Raphael's) With picture1A0     Alpine route50
19.Brâna Turnului (Girdle Of The Tower)1A0     Alpine route22
20.Brâul Canionului (The Girdle Of The Canyon)1A0     Alpine route01
21.Vâlcelul Marelui V (Vâlcelul Great V) With topo2B0     Alpine route00
22.Valea Albă (White Valley) 5 star route Fantastic With description With topo With picture English translation1A5     Alpine route14341

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Valea Albă 1A

The White Valley is one of the most popular unmarked valleys in Bucegi Moutains. One of the widest in the mountain range and without many obstacles to climb.
    Sherpa Scufi - 17.06.2018