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General characteristics

Information source
Cristi Popescu -

Stone: limestone


Mountain massifs  

Nr.    Name    Stone    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Rimetea (Colţii Trascăului) Fantastic With description With picture Coordinateslimestone2812736
2.Cheile Întregalde With description With picture Coordinateslimestone1600
3.Cheile Cetii With description With picture Coordinateslimestone3000
4.Valea Ampoiului With description With picture Coordinateslimestone253940
5.Cetatea Lita With description With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone81013
6.Cheile Mănăstirii Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone8843
7.Cheile Aiudului (Vălișoarei-Poienii) Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone1185952
8.Cheile Turzii Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates English translationlimestone464262261
9.Cheile Tureni With description With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone12918133

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 46° 27' 10.3" E 23° 34' 45.2"    

Route distribution




GPS: N 46° 27' 10.3" E 23° 34' 45.2"    

Weather in Trascău