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Cheile Bicazului

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General characteristics

 Cheile Bicazului 


Bicaz Gorge [Cheile Bicazului] is situated in N-E of Romania, in Hasmas Mountains, being considered one of the most beautiful touristic gorges in the country.
Formed by the water of Bicaz river, the gorge makes the connection between two historical regions in Romania: Moldavia and Transylvania. The road that crosses them is DN12C. It is in this region that you will also find the Red Lake, a lake formed by landslide and one of the main touristic attractions in the area.

Easiest access: Bicaz city or the villages situated in the gorge
Accommodation: hostels in Bicaz, camping in the hills surrounding the gorge, in guesthouses found in the villages in the gorge.
Trek to the climbing areas: 10 - 30 minutes
Water source: there are water springs next to the gorge or you can buy it local stores

There are several routes that start off the road so you will have the pleasure of surprising drivers but also the responsibility of climbing careful as not to rocks on cars or souvenir booths bellow you.
Information source
Francisc Wild - Cheile Bicazului - Ghid de alpinism 2012 - Salvamont Harghita

Francisc Wild (Wild Ferenc) - http://www.fsz.bme.hu/mtsz/mhk/egyeb/bekas/bekas.htm
Francisc Wild (scan Cătălin Creţu) - https://picasaweb.google.com/116734182185530304205/CheileBicazuluiGhidDeAlpinismWildFerencDimap2001?gsessionid=4Pu8cQSvDxTl-nic_EPlFw#

Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Piatra Altarului Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone136320
2.Cuşma Lapoşului With topolimestone361
3.Piatra Bardosului (Peretele Lapoş) With description With topolimestone540
4.Faleza Ascunsă With topo With picturelimestone300
5.Peretele Bardosului Fantastic With description With topolimestone51332
6.Peretele Nordic Fantastic With topolimestone8316
7.Peretele Pintenilor With topolimestone1090
8.Peretele Turnuleţului With topolimestone1020
9.Peretele Vestic al Bicăjeluluilimestone100
10.Turnul Negru With topo With picturelimestone7303
11.Bolovanu’ lu’ Culiţălimestone400
12.Faleza „La căsuţe” (Lângă Turnul Negru)limestone310
13.Faleza "K2"limestone1710
14.Peretele Mariei With topolimestone722
15.Faleza Scorpionlimestone300
16.Făgetul Ciucului (Pereţii Cichibiuc) Fantastic With description With topo With picturelimestone557722
17.Muntele Ucigaşulimestone400
18.Suhardul Mic With description With topolimestone21506
19.La Tunellimestone1230
20.Acul Singuraticlimestone210

Access and retreat

GPS: N 46° 48' 33.5" E 25° 48' 51.4"    

Route distribution


Cheile Bicazului


GPS: N 46° 48' 33.5" E 25° 48' 51.4"    

Wheather in Cheile Bicazului