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Cheile Turzii

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General characteristics

 Cheile Turzii 


The protected are of Turda Gorge [Cheile Turzii] is located in the N-W Romania, in Cluj County, close to Turda & Cluj Napoca cities. The gorge is crossed by Hășdate river.

Climbing disciplines: multipitch, sports climbing
In place protections:
  • multipitch: mostly old pegs, few routes with new bolts, several dedicated trad routes
  • sports climbing: mostly bolted
Easiest access: Petrestii de Jos Village or Cheia Village
2 campings, on both sides of the gorge (you will need a tent). Otherwise, it is a 20 minutes drive Turda city.
Trek to the climbing areas: 10 - 30 minutes
Best climbing period: spring and autumn
Water source: there is a water spring in the middle of the gorge, next to the tourist path, or camping sites.

Entry fee: 2 Lei for children, 4 Lei for adults

Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Peretele Cald Fantastic With description With picture English translationlimestone100 m3889
2.Turnul lui Mihai Borşlimestone251
3.Pereţii Alghinelorlimestone450
4.Poligonul Turnul Galbenlimestone2016
5.ATA 2009limestone1200
6.Sectoarele La Circ şi Papagallimestone26324
7.Peretele Pripoanelor With picturelimestone3178
8.Peretele Caprelor şi Erasmus Nyárádylimestone893
9.Peretele Uriaş Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates English translationlimestone450 m250 m396745
10.Peretele Porumbeilor With picture Coordinateslimestone550 m150 m1130
11.Grota lui Hili Fantastic With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone600 m100 m263
12.Creasta Cocoșului - Școala clujeană Coordinateslimestone400
13.Turnul Ascuţit Fantastic With picture Coordinateslimestone4209
14.Peretele Ciorilor Coordinateslimestone200
15.Poligonul Unguresc With picture Coordinateslimestone700 m16 m500
16.Pestera Călăşturlimestone300
18.Turnul Despărţitorlimestone1100
19.Peretele Aerian Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone550 m100 m3145
21.Cetăţeaua Micălimestone181924
22.Zona Fisurilimestone913
23.Zona Scoruşlimestone651
24.Zona Gabor Ferilimestone15512
25.Zona Moara Petriduluilimestone608
26.Cetăţeaua Mare (Colţul Cetăţii)limestone1011
27.Colţul Sanşil Fantastic With picture Coordinateslimestone113835
28.Colţul Crăpat Fantastic With picture Coordinateslimestone550 m150 m323439
29.Colţul Puşcariulimestone400
30.Peretele Suurime Coordinateslimestone421
31.Colţul Rotunjit With picture Coordinateslimestone551
32.Poliţele lui Bieltzlimestone1300
33.Peretele Vulturilor (lângă Peştera Ungurească)limestone300
34.Peretele Laterallimestone510
35.Peştera Ungurească Fantastic With picture Coordinateslimestone381323
36.Peretele din Belvederelimestone800
37.Podul IIlimestone700

Access and retreat

GPS: N 46° 33' 56.3" E 23° 40' 35.8"    



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Cheile Turzii


GPS: N 46° 33' 56.3" E 23° 40' 35.8"    

Wheather in Cheile Turzii