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Cheile Cheii

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General characteristics

 Cheile Cheii 
Information source
Poză - Dan Ştefan Govoreanu

Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Santinela Cheii Fantastic With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone100 m412829
2.Claia Strâmbă Fantastic With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone300 m202811
3.Stogşoare With picture Coordinateslimestone1850
4.Peretele Sălcetului With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone902
5.Stogul With topo With picture Coordinateslimestone501
6.Alte Traseelimestone403

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 45° 16' 18.9" E 24° 07' 22.6"    


Route distribution


Cheile Cheii


GPS: N 45° 16' 18.9" E 24° 07' 22.6"    

Wheather in Cheile Cheii