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Description - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

The elder sister of the Caraiman mountain, is located to the north of it, exposing it to the Logs before they the south with the Circus and the Valley of the White ones, the great wall in the country. The mountain Co?tila rises between the Valley of the White south, which separates it from Europe, and the mule Deer on the north by the Miller's, from the Top of the Co?tila, and the Top one has to get the Tip of the Fangs of the Origin, valea Cerbului saddle, the Tip of the Gavanele, and the Happy Grove of trees. The Co?tilei offering more than 150 routes of all degrees of difficulty, and is thus the number one objective of the climbers in the Usa. Access to the trails shall be made of Logs, and is facilitated by the existence of the Sanctuary Co?tila, 1670. m. The objectives of the alpine, in the main, from the point of view of the difficulties, there are the 4 high walls of the Valley, White Policandrului, Co?tilei, and Marigolds.
Information source
Muntii Bucegi Drumetie Alpinism Schi - Walter Kargel, Bel Alpin, București, 2000

Stone: conglomerate



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Bolovanul lui Mitică With description With picture Coordinatesconglomerate1200 m15 m400
2.Peretele Văii Albe Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates English translationconglomerate1900 m350 m3814965
3.Peretele Brânei With description With topo With picture Coordinatesconglomerate2050 m200 m1300
4.Peretele Policandrului (Vulturilor) Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinatesconglomerate1750 m250 m128248
5.Peretele Vâlcelului Stâncos Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinatesconglomerate1750 m100 m41415
6.Ţancul Mic Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates English translationconglomerate1600 m150 m16134102
7.Ţănculeţul With description With picture Coordinatesconglomerate1700 m40 m100
8.Ţancul Ascuţit Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates English translationconglomerate1690 m60 m145653
9.Peretele Coştilei Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinates English translationconglomerate1900 m250 m157830
10.Peretele Gălbenelelor Fantastic With description With topo With picture Coordinatesconglomerate2000 m300 m1912671
11.Umărul Gălbenelelor With description With topo With picture Coordinatesconglomerate2200 m200 m52313
12.Colţul Gălbenelelor With topo With picture Coordinatesconglomerate2100 m150 m11195
13.Colţul Strungii With topo With pictureconglomerate2100 m100 m400
14.Colţul Mălinului With topo With pictureconglomerate2150 m150 m53028
15.Colţul Poienii Coştilei With pictureconglomerate200
16.Peretele din Vâlcelul lui Theodoru (Vâlcelul Ascuns) With topo With picture Coordinatesconglomerate1500 m90 m600
17.Santinela Văii Verzi With description With topo With pictureconglomerate1500 m200 m303
18.Peretele Ţapului With description With pictureconglomerate400
19.Alte trasee din zona nordică a Coştileiconglomerate511
20.Văi şi brâne With topo With pictureconglomerate33682333

Access and retreat - Translated with Yandex Tanslate

GPS: N 45° 25' 51.8" E 25° 30' 03.6"    


Route distribution


Ansamblu pereţi


GPS: N 45° 25' 51.8" E 25° 30' 03.6"    

Wheather in Coştila