Cheile Şuşara

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It should be noted that, on the Valea Susara has been carried out and approved in the first few routes for climbing the mountain in the Area. They were made in the years 1965 and 1969, the members of the club, climbing the Guban Timisoara, led by the high-altitude climber, Dumitru Ciontu (died in a car accident in the mountains of Piatra Craiului mountains). In his memory, with the first two routes were referred to as D. the Nubbin, and the teilea, the track's Debut. At that time, the president of the club was mr. Traian Novac, a good judge and a great lover of the area, development regions, "a Bergfürer" of the area of the Banat Mountains.
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Stone: limestone



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GPS: N 44° 51' 29.9" E 21° 45' 06.7"    


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GPS: N 44° 51' 29.9" E 21° 45' 06.7"