Cheile Lazurilor

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A new gorgeous area to climb took birth in Romania, more exactly in the Padurea Craiului Bihor county, through the incredible efforts of those at the Crux Climbing Oradea and the Club of Speleology Crystal Oradea. What you find in this area: 4 sectors (one sector dedicated to children or beginners), accounting for more than 40 climbing routes varied, long (25-40m), sustained, with degrees of difficulty from 6a upwards.
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Stone: limestone



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Peretele Roșu With topolimestone700
2.Peretele de sub balcon With topolimestone902
3.Peretele Mare With topolimestone1401
4.Peretele Mijlociu With topolimestone1401
5.Peretele Mic With topolimestone300

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GPS: N 46° 47' 40.9" E 22° 24' 41.2"    


Route distribution




GPS: N 46° 47' 40.9" E 22° 24' 41.2"    

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