Cabana Cuca

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General characteristics

 Sursă: Iulian Milea 

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The area lies at the foot of the massif Iezer-Doll.

The characteristic of the area: the rock is shale crystalline. The walls are generally sized between 15-30 m.
Routes of rock climbing sports are equipped with anchors, mechanical, ears and top sites with the chain at the Fixed. Areas of climbing are presented in detail with sketches and tables, the names of the areas being data depending on the characteristics of the place.

Access can be done with the car up to the base of the wall, where I can park 5-6 cars.

Topo full: PDF/TOPO%20CUCA%20V2.pdf
Information source
Milea Iulian - -

Stone: crystalline schists



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Faleza La Totem (The Boardwalk At Totem) With topo With picturecrystalline schists25 m1305
2.Faleza de la Pârâu (The cliff at the Creek) With topo With picturecrystalline schists19 m400
3.Faleza La Diedru (The Cliff At The Dihedral) With topo With picturecrystalline schists24 m1503



Sursă: Iulian Milea

Route distribution


Sursă: Iulian Milea