Today we celebrate 17 years since Piticot (Peretele Policandrului (Vulturilor)) first ascent, 48 years since Surplomba cu Garofiţe (Peretele Padinei Şindileriei) first ascent, 7 years since Muchia cu Fereastră (Muchiuţa Găuricii) (Peretele Ciorânga Mare) first ascent


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General characteristics


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The area-climbing in the town of Radna is actually a former quarry exploitation of the granite dumped in the ’60s. Since 2002 we have built over 20 climbing routes sports, in the Wall of the Career - the Wall Great. The wall of the Sea has heights ranging between 10 and 40 metres, and those 3 walls are about 10 and 30 metres. Climbing the walls is done on a valley draining accessible among two households.
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Picasa Sorin S

Stone: granite



Nr.    Name    Stone    Altitude    Height    Routes    Diaries    Climbs    
1.Peretele Mare Coordinatesgranite2600
2.Peretele Apostolii Coordinatesgranite1500
3.Peretele Crucii Coordinatesgranite1500
4.Peretele Bisericii Coordinatesgranite400

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GPS: N 46° 05' 52.5" E 21° 41' 17.5"    

Route distribution




GPS: N 46° 05' 52.5" E 21° 41' 17.5"    

Wheather in Lipova-Radna